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A lovely parcel of surprise gifts to unwrap.

Bright Paper will send you, or someone you love, a monthly delivery of beautiful gifts to unwrap. They search high and low to bring you the loveliest things and feature unique independent brands and talented individual artisans. Most of the gifts are made by hand in the UK. Each package will be carefully hand-wrapped, and will include a variety of items such as stationery, jewellery, homewares, accessories, food & drink, natural soap & body products.

Not only a lovely treat for yourself, Bright Paper Packages also makes a very thoughtful present for someone else.

Price per box: £20 if you pay monthly or less if you purchase our 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

Details of the shipping: Postage & packing is included in the price. Boxes arrive around the 10th of each month.

Bright Paper Packages November 2015 Inside Lid Bright Paper Packages November 2015 Packaging

Bright Paper Packages: November 2015 Box Review

Theme: Hibernate

The most precious subscription boxes stem from the mind of a passionate individual and offer something bespoke and unusual. Bright Paper Packages follows this model, promising a set of meticulously selected items that are beautifully presented and guaranteed to brighten the dreariest day. Curated by Helena and a small team, the box aims to recreate the delight we experience when receiving and unwrapping a thoughtful gift.

The theme of the November 2015 Bright Paper Packages box is ‘hibernate’. It’s the company’s first effort, giving a meaningful insight into what surprises can be expected down the line. The selling point of the box was vague upon first glance- it hinted towards an assortment of meaningful items sourced from local artisans and designers based in the United Kingdom. The November offering suggests that Bright Paper Packages would mostly appeal to women who are mature enough to value their alone time, regardless of their age. Anyone who relishes a trip to the market to source handmade designs, homemade beauty products and colourfully wrapped parcels will also be delighted with this concept.

Bright Paper Packages November 2015 All Wrapped Items

The November Bright Paper Packages box was too bulky for a standard mail slot- this could mean a trip to the post office for some. When opened, the attractive presentation inside was astonishing- the items were hand wrapped, carefully tied with string and nestled in a bed of shredded paper confetti. An envelope was fixed to the inside of the lid, containing a handsomely designed letter that revealed the theme of the box and explained the meaning and origin of each item included.

Bright Paper Packages November 2015 Tea Seelection  Bright Paper Packages November 2015 Bath Oil and Candle  

Bright Paper Packages November 2015 (Hibernate) Unboxed:

  • French fig and cassis scented candle
  • Handmade ceramic bookmark
  • Hibernate bath oil
  • Hazelnut and Isle of Skye sea salt chocolate bar
  • A selection of organic teas
  • Letter

Bright Paper Packages November 2015 Bag for Tea Bright Paper Packages November 2015 Chocolate and Bookmark

The scented candle comes from Hobo Soy candles, based in Lincolnshire, and is presented in a silver tin- it has a lovely, clean aroma of fig and cassis, which is somewhat uncommon, but it’s a very soothing aroma. The designer, Rachel, uses a wooden stick in the candle in the place of a wick to emulate the sound of a crackling fire, which is a fantastically evocative touch!

The bookmark was designed by Delphine & Max and is very sturdy and cute. The ceramic button head is stamped with the words ‘the story so far’ in red lettering and it works like a giant paperclip to keep your place secure- once wedged in, it doesn’t budge. This immediately replaced my shabby, poor excuse for a page marker.

The bath oil was commissioned especially for this month’s box from The Soap Shop and comes in a handsome apothecary brown glass bottle. The container is eye-catching and I will be keeping it for décor purposes. The oil is scented with lavender, lemon and sage- it’s a very mild scent, however, and lacks the pungency of lavender often associated with grandmothers. It’s a soothing, modern and clean scent and I’m looking forward to using it on my next quiet night in.

The one item to instantly disappear was the hazelnut and Isle of Skye sea salt chocolate bar from Coco Chocolatier. It arrived beautifully packaged and is a milk chocolate bar made from organic chocolate. My boyfriend was happy to assist me in testing this product- and my waistline was happy for the help- it’s a delicious blend of creamy milk chocolate, textured with a hazelnut crunch and completed with a hint of salinity that marries perfectly on the palate. Coco Chocolatier is an artisan chocolatier based in Edinburgh and we’ll be looking out for their range in local shops.

Finally, no pampering package would be complete without a selection of tea; the entire range from English Tea Shop is organic and fair-trade. Each tea bag was individually packaged and my selection included: two pomegranate green tea bags, one chocolate rooibos and vanilla, one black chai, one English breakfast and one earl grey. I was compelled to sample the chocolate rooibos first and its sweet aroma tickled my senses, providing a luxurious cuppa.

At £20 per monthly box (including shipping), Bright Paper Packages is admittedly a luxury. It can also be purchased as a three, six and 12 month subscription. I genuinely felt that the box was worth the price, however- I know that each of the items will be used, so the value for money is excellent. I love that everything is sourced from UK designers and admired the handmade quality of each piece. The variety of items is also thrilling- and the little touches, such as the presentation, the high quality design work and materials used in the letter and wrapping paper, really gives this box exemplary charm.

The ethos, presentation and concept of the box really appealed to me and I would happily give this as a gift to my dearest friends. Everybody deserves to feel special, and because you can’t box an emotion, this is the next best thing.


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Bright Paper Packages

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Bright Paper Packages

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