Bright Paper Packages – June 2016: Rise & Shine

If the early bird gets the worm, then a good night’s sleep is essential. The long, languid days of summer aren’t exactly conducive to getting to bed early and – if that wasn’t difficult enough – the sunlight streaming through our blinds at the crack of dawn makes it impossible to sleep in. Despite this struggle against the summer solstice, we wouldn’t dare grumble about the long-anticipated arrival of summer. So we embrace it. This month’s Bright Paper Packages equips us with the tools and tricks to help us to get a good night’s kip and get the most out of June with a Rise & Shine theme.

My Bright Paper Packages box arrived on a drearily grey Monday evening and instantly lifted my spirits. Even before tearing into the box, I felt the warming caress of receiving something ‘just because’ and it was a potent reminder of the impact of a small gesture; spoiling yourself can transform a mundane day into something more magical. Of course, Helena and the team are acutely aware of this phenomenon and aim to impart this thrill with every shipment.

Encased in a cardboard box, a trove of items are beautifully hand wrapped in tissue or retro sweetshop bags, sitting in a nest of paper confetti and bundled together. Upon peeling back the tissue exterior, the exhilaration kicks in – the only indication of the nature of each item and the theme that connects them is the subscriber card resting inside. This month, it is adorned with a photograph of three rows of mugs holding a variety of coffees and teas.

Caffeine! If the United Kingdom is a nation of tea drinkers – although admittedly, I prefer coffee– then this was a prodigious start to June.

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 Wrapped

Bright Paper Packages: June 2016 Rise & Shine Unboxed:

  • An eyemask from Caro London
  • A china mug
  • A package of ground coffee from Footprint Coffee
  • A cashew & coconut bar from Squirrel Sisters
  • A subscriber’s card

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 All Wrapped

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 Mask

The first item revealed was a cotton-rich eyemask garlanded with a charming vintage design. Lovely florals on a royal blue background, this will evoke joy with every use. It’s attractive, embellished with delicate details and it fits both comfortably and snugly around the head. Perfect for summer travelling, I’ll be sporting this on my upcoming redeye flight to Canada. Until then, I might put them to good use on a Sunday morning, when despite my best intentions to have a lie-in, my body still yearns to rise with the sun. The detailing from Caro London on this mask is beautiful and designer Caroline Cutts works with poor communities in India in production of her items. So sleeping in can feel all that more selfless.

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 Mug 2

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 Mug Bottom

The next item is intrinsic to the Rise & Shine theme: an exquisite bone china mug. This has been designed and printed exclusively for Bright Paper Packages subscribers, so it’s worth coveting. Decorated with a simple motive of emoji-like cakes, pastries, kettles and beverages, and at the base of the inside of the cup, a prompt to ‘Rise & Shine’ is inscribed, providing the sipper with a dash of motivation after their morning caffeine hit. The upshot of using bone china makes the mug feel like a extravagance. This is because it rolls so rewardingly between the palms.

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 Coffee

Now equipped with the perfect vessel for that morning cuppa, the next item addressed the query of what the augural brew should be. It’s a packet of ground coffee, perfect for the cafetiere. Hand roasted by Footprint Coffee, these are single origin coffee beans from Brazil in a sweet orange & chocolate flavour- it really ticks all the boxes. The feel-good factor stems from its sourcing, which is so responsible that the origin of every bean can be verified. The beans were roasted just days prior to being packaged for June’s box, resulting in a waff of aromas bursting from the package that are rich and enticing. I’ve already planned my Saturday morning crossword around a cup of this sweet-smelling blend.

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 Bar

Finally, the perfect pairing to a robust brew is undoubtedly a sweet treat. The cashew and coconut snack bar from Squirrel Sisters definitely does the trick, professing to be healthy enough to be a breakfast on the go, but it would obviously double as an energy-boosting afternoon snack. Because it’s made from raw ingredients, it’s a better option than what’s proffered by the office vending machine. You’ll feel both virtuous and satiated with this little indulgence- it’s surprisingly tasty and marries well with a hot beverage.

Bright Paper Packages- June 2016 All

A harmony of edible delights and covetable possessions, June’s Bright Paper Packages box is an all-rounder. Each item manifests the high standard expected of the local designers, manufacturers and purveyors involved- the detail and care taken with each gift and their utility makes this a subscription box of tremendous value to dote both on yourself or on others.

If this wasn’t enough, the team have announced a brand new service, The Bright New Year, where twelve small treasures will be posted to your chosen recipient. These will arrive once a month for a one-off payment of £100 (with shipping included in the UK). This is an effortless gift option for someone special, as you can renew it annually and never have to think about the next birthday present again!

The regular Bright Paper Packages subscription is available at £20 with shipping included for a one-off purchase (and other subscription options are also available at £57 for three months, £111 for six and £216 for one year, all including UK shipping) – the price point reflects the quality and range of items, which are expertly curated.

Although I profess to be a morning person, June’s Bright Paper Packages will make both sleeping in and early rising slightly less arduous. Oh, and more stylish to boot. I can’t resist vintage textiles and a strong cup of Jo, so the theme fully resonated with me. I’m already looking ahead to Saturday morning to indulge in my next cafetiere.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

June brings another fantastic selection of surprises from the Bright Paper Packages team worth of rising a mug to.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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