Bright Paper Packages- February 2016: Handbag Must Haves.

The theme for February’s Bright Paper Packages is ‘handbag must haves’, shifting from the character of past boxes. Previous offerings were orchestrated with a seasonal motif, but this month brings together a more general approach. Instead of February’s lure of chocolate hearts, it’s a relief to receive a bundle of essential items that are simply fun and useful.

Bright Paper Packages is aimed towards women who have a playful eye and this month’s box hits the right notes. Once again, it follows in a letterbox-friendly package, but the enclosed letter heralds the return of the larger sized box from next month; this will mean trips to the post office for some. I was personally torn over whether it was preferable to keep the smaller, more convenient, packaging at the expense of limiting the variety of items inside.

The packaging and presentation of February’s box reflects the little touches that makes Bright Paper Packages so appealing: all items are individually hand wrapped in brightly coloured tissue, bags or paper and sealed with a sticker. The subscriber letter is sealed in an envelope and affixed to the lid of the box. It’s always exciting to unwrap each item in turn.

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016 All Items

Bright Paper Packages February 2016 Unboxed:

  • A screen printed bag from Chase & Wonder
  • A notebook from 1973
  • Lip balm from Lucky Cloud
  • Hair ties from Adorable Things
  • Peppermints from Peppersmith
  • Subscriber letter

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016 Screenprint Bag

I am notorious for tossing small items in my bag and then rifling away when I am looking for anything. I am always in need of a small purse to keep myself organised and this is a beautiful carrier for make-up or change. Made of robust canvas and screen printed with a striped and crafty motif, this is my personal favourite item of the batch. The Bright Paper Packages team even included a few lucky (chocolate) coins inside for good luck- temptation is better than tempting fate, after all.

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016 Letterpress Notebook

The small notebook is perfectly sized for a handbag and I’m always hunting for unique stationery. This comes from 1973, a studio in Brighton, and is made on a working Heidelberg press- this lends it a cool, vintage quality. The design is retro and vibrant, making it eye-catching and worth pulling out in public when inspiration strikes.

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016 Coconut Balm

Another item that I’m never without is lip balm and this compact metal tin is fantastic- not only do I love the sliding container, but the balm itself is luxurious and creamy, offering a remedy for chapped lips that is natural, vegan and smells of coconut.

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016 Pocket Mirror

The pocket mirror from Hutch & Willow is great because it’s slightly larger- therefore more useful- than the small fiddly one that I have been toting around. It’s a colourful take, designed in North Yorkshire and inscribed with ‘Hello Lovely’, which is a nice reminder that it doesn’t matter whether that mascara is smudged or not, you’re still pulling it off.

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016- Hair Ties

I’ve eyed up these vivacious hair ties from Adorable Things before, but wasn’t sure whether they would securely hold my hair. I’m pleased with them as an alternative to bland hair elastics and they seem to secure my mid-length tresses while not snagging or pulling my hair. They’re fun and perfect to jazz up an outfit on the weekend.

Bright Paper Packages- February 2016 Peppersmith Peppermints

Finally, the box of peppermints from Peppersmith is a godsend for every coffee drinker- I’ve tried these before and approve of their fun branding and sugar-free recipe. Instead of using aspartame, they derive their sweetness from xylitol. These are widely available on the high street in Boots and Waitrose, so it’s good to know that they can easily be replenished if you’re converted.

February’s Bright Paper Packages box has successfully put together a collection of useful items linked by a common theme- while the items are diverse; they each appeal to a similar subscriber type: someone who covets unique and well-crafted trinkets. Most items are handcrafted and are manufactured locally, giving them a niche value. Most importantly, each item is useful and I’ve already designated all to my handbag (without exception!).

Given the price of each box- which are available at £20 with shipping included for a one-off purchase (and other subscription options are also available) – this is slightly more expensive than some lifestyle subscription boxes. I am convinced that it offers much more value than a random jumble of sample products, however, and this is an excellent choice for a perfectly priced gift for a friend with similar penchants.

Our score: 8.8/ 10

This is another winning offering from the Bright Paper Packages team and certainly the most practical box to date. While I cherish deluxe objects that demand a special occasion, it’s the first time where I have been able to use everything immediately.

  • Quality of products9.5
  • Originality8.5
  • Packaging and delivery8.5
  • Value for money8.5
  • Selection of products9

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Bright Paper Packages

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Bright Paper Packages

  • Parcel of surprise presents
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