Bright Paper Packages – April 2016: Spring has Sprung

The change of seasons is a symbolic metamorphosis, the arrival of spring particularly so. It’s the time of year associated with rejuvenation, reinvention and rebirth- the theme of starting afresh is universally appealing. April isn’t only defined by showers, but also with the appearance of canary coloured daffodils, sprouting grass and teasing warmth in the air. April’s Bright Paper Packages box captures all of these notes with a ‘Spring has Sprung’ theme, providing cheerful objects to covet and accompany us on the first picnic outings of 2016.

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Box

Bright Paper Packages promises to deliver a subscription box that evokes joy and self-celebration. The team deftly curate a collection of beautiful items, all sourced from local designers and manufacturers based in the UK. Every month, subscribers are introduced to original and exciting products, some of which are specially commissioned for the boxes. The Bright Paper Packages concept is widely appealing too because we all know a magpie and admirer of unique pieces who could use an uplifting surprise.

The Bright Paper Packages box no longer fits through a letter slot, but this grants increased versatility when it comes to product selection. It’s always immaculately packed; consistent with the idea of arriving as a bundle of meaningful gifts, each item is hand-wrapped in colourful tissue or vintage sweet bags and neatly placed inside a box on a bed of cardboard confetti. The monthly letter is affixed to the inside lid of the box, begging to either reveal the surprise theme or- as I prefer- to refer to after unwrapping each item.

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Unboxed:

  • A custom screen printed tote bag for Bright Paper Packages
  • Scented foot tablets from Bathing Beauty
  • Magnetic bottle opener from Grace & Favour Home
  • A tub of Matt & Ben’s proper vanilla fudge
  • A subscriber letter

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Tote 2

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Tote

The canvas tote bag bursts with a rainbow of hues- it’s gorgeous and bright and the perfect accessory for spring. Plus it’s  a cute carrier to transport all of your picnicking essentials. It’s roomy, robust and was screen printed especially for Bright Paper Packages in Wales. I admit that this was the first item that I tried, but for a less quixotic purpose-instead of a picnic, I used it to carry home my groceries! I love how eye-catching the floral design is and despite my mundane shopping trip, it still brought me an enriching sense of joy to fill it up with milk and bread.

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Foot

The fizzy foot tablets come from Bathing Beauty, a company launched by former model, George Jones. They are made from entirely natural ingredients and each tablet is formed by hand in North Wales. A luxurious treat for the feet, the tablets smell wonderful and encouraged me to take a quiet repose, run water into a tub, drop a few tablets in and watch them fizz away. Then came the soothing warmth as I stuck my feet in and let the bubbles encircle my toes. It was such a relaxing moment and something that I wouldn’t think to purchase for myself ‘just because’.

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Opener

It’s a universal truth that there’s never a bottle opener around when you need one, so the magnetic opener from Grace & Favour Home is an irrefutably practical instrument. With an attractive design, there’s no shame in displaying this on your fridge- it’s discreet and doesn’t incite any judgment on your drinking habits from visitors! It’s also lightweight and compact, meaning it fits into a pocket for those (non-alcoholic, naturally) beverages in the sun. Made in Dartmoor, the vintage touch livens up an otherwise dull tool. I have a few bottles of wine that are lined up to christen it this weekend.

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 Fudge

Finally, no Bright Paper Packages box is complete without a small and sweet indulgence. This month, it comes in the form of a tub of vanilla fudge from Matt and Ben’s. Made from natural ingredients in North West Wales, there’s absolutely no guilt in enjoying this creamy treat- it’s a smooth, buttery embrace that melts on the tongue, leaving notes of gorgeous vanilla on the palate. It’s a perfect sugar rush to overcome an afternoon slump.

April’s Bright Paper Packages is another well-conceived bundle of surprises, making it a perfect indulgence to purchase for oneself or to give as a gift. As I have come to expect, the variety of items is wide, but each one is valuable and has a high pedigree of home-grown talent and small UK-based manufacturers. If you thrive on the thrill of a successful trip to a craft market, the Bright Paper Packages box will immediately appeal to you. This is because the team have already carefully selected unique items. But don’t neglect the added element of surprise- after all, nothing provokes child-like joy than unwrapping a gift.

Bright Paper Packages April 2016 All 2

Given the price of each box- which are available at £20 with shipping included for a one-off purchase (and other subscription options are also available) – this is slightly more expensive than some lifestyle subscription boxes, but I remain confident that it is worth the price.

Now fully equipped to welcome spring thanks to Bright Paper Packages, I’m already thinking about what next month’s box might have in store. The summer deserves even more popping colours, sugary sweets and pampering essentials, but this would be too predictable- I know I’m in safe hands, though, no matter what arrives in June’s post.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

A wonderful and varied selection of treats that would bring joy to any recipient.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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Bright Paper Packages

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