Birchbox or Glossybox: Which one is better?

glossybox or Birchbox

Having to choose between Birchbox or Glossybox is a recurring question I receive from our visitors, I’ll try to answer the best I can.

According to British Beauty Council statistics, consumers spent around £27.2 billion only in the UK on beauty services and products in 2018. It shows that many other people, like myself, are obsessed with beauty. I heard from a friend of mine about the monthly subscriptions of perfectly curated beauty boxes. These beauty boxes come with the motto “try before your buy” and include all the latest beauty and makeup products.

Without having any second thoughts, I started searching and what I found was beyond my expectations. You can find sub boxes for each specific category, such as pet treats, makeup, teas, kids’ crafts, etc. However, the most useful box that reeled me in is the beauty box.

Types of Boxes

There are many Boxes in the UK, but having to choose between glossybox or Birchbox is not easy

I filtered out all the beauty box subscriptions and stuck between the two final contenders: Glossybox and Birchbox. It was indeed a very difficult decision that I had to make, but I ended up buying both. Well, the point is that I don’t want anyone else to face the same dilemma. That’s why I have come up with the review and pros and cons of both boxes. I am sure it will allow you to choose the right beauty box that will serve you the best. So, here is what I found.


Birchbox, one of the most popular beauty Box in the UK

Undoubtedly Birchbox is a beauty boxes pioneer, and it offers a monthly subscription for only £12.95 a month. Once you get your monthly subscription, the company will send you two of the high-quality lifestyle and beauty samples along with some coupons. These samples are the personalized ones based on the specifics of your profile.

The company now offers three different subscriptions with monthly, three months, and six months payment cycles.


  • Birchbox comes with many products that are truly cheap as compared to its total monthly price. The high-end sample products can only be used for one time, but if you want to try a specific product before actually buying, these samples are perfect.
  • The best part of the Birch box is that if you review the products, you get points as a reward that you can use to purchase other full-sized products. Additionally, you also get £15 if you refer a friend.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the products that you receive in your Birchbox are customized according to your beauty profile.
  • The company also offers a couple of high-end beauty products that you can choose at a discounted price.
  • The coupon codes that you receive that can buy you free add-ons. I receive a very stylish makeup bag by using my coupon.
  • Lastly, if you purchase their products for a certain amount, you also get an additional promo code that you can use to get popular titles of the monthly book picks.


  • The samples you receive for high-end products are small.
  • You don’t get bang for your buck with Birchbox because the value you pay for the products can be bought at the same price individually.


Glossybox is loved by beauty addicts

At only £13.25 per month, you receive the blend of deluxe size and full-size high-end beauty product samples. The GlossyBox is undoubtedly a value box, and you get modern tools, makeup, and beauty creams each month.


  • You get more than the value for your money with the monthly box that actually values over 47 pounds.
  • You receive premium beauty products from national and international companies
  • The box looks incredibly stylish and sturdy which I use it to store my daily makeup products
  • You also receive the coupon codes with the box that you can use to purchase other products


  • The products in the Glossybox are not personalized according to your profile specification
  • Glossybox doesn’t allow you to buy directly and if you want to buy a specific item, you’ll need to visit each brand’s website

So, Birchbox or Glossybox ?

Should you subscribe to Glossybox or Birchbox ?

Having subscribed to both of the beauty boxes, I can say that Glossybox is my personal preference. The products and other makeup items that I receive with my Glossybox subscription suit my makeup expertise and requirements. Additionally, the Glossybox is cheaper and offers value for the money as compared to Birchbox.

The Glossybox also includes some of the non-beauty products, such as an occasional chocolate bar, specialty teas, which I never received with Birchbox. So, as far as my advice is concerned, I would definitely recommend you to prefer Glossybox over Birchbox. Have you ever tried any of these beauty boxes? What are your thoughts and experiences? Feel free to let me know.

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