BIB WineBox review

BIB wine is a subscription where you choose the wine. Instead of bottles your wine comes in a box, which holds the equivalent of three bottles. It lasts around 4-6 weeks from the time it’s opened. You choose your wines, and they are delivered every 1, 2 or three months.

There’s a wide range of wines available, and it’s a very flexible system. You can change your wines, you can pause or skip deliveries, and you get a discount on the regular shop prices. Select your wine, order, and wait for the postman.

My two boxes of wine – one red and one white – arrived in a nice sturdy shipping box.

For a bit of extra protection the wine boxes themselves are in separate boxes. Cardboard, so everything is recyclable or reseuable. Each wine box fits snugly inside.

And here are the wine boxes themselves! The branding is very nice, simple and classy, and they’re clearly labelled.

I’ve got a Domaine San De Guihelm Côtes de Gascogne 2017 for the white, and Domaine Ortola Languedoc 2017 for the red. They cost £21.51 and £25.38 respectively, the equivalent of around £7 and £8.40 per bottle, and the least expensive of the wines available.

There’s a few little tasting notes and some information about the wines on the back of the box.

Now to taste it.

(I know pictures of glasses of wine aren’t very interesting! )

This was a lovely crisp wine. You can see from the box it’s not overly strong at 11.5%. I loved the fruitiness, and it was quite light without being thin in flavour. I usually buy wine from the supermarket, and I’d say this was well worth the money for the equivalent of three bottles.

The red was equally lovely, and very nice now the weather is getting a little cooler. It’s another fruity wine, with plenty of flavour and very easy to drink! Again, well worth the money.

My two wines were the ‘entry-level’ wines, but I was impressed by the quality. It’s supermarket prices but definitely better than the average bottle I buy from the supermarket at the same price. Because they source directly from the makers the overall costs are lower, which definitely translates in more bang for your wine buck!

The box takes up much less space than a bottle, and sits nicely on a fridge or cupboard shelf. Unopened boxes are also easy to store.

Not only can you get good wine in a box, it’s very eco-friendly (the packaging can be recycled) and has a much lower carbon footprint than regular bottles, One of my favourite things is that it lasts so long when opened!Your average bottle definitely starts to go funny after a few days, and it’s incredibly nice to just drink a small glass when you want to, rather than throw away wine that’s past its best because you didn’t finish the bottle in time.

As I said before, you can choose the wines in your subscription, but if you’re not sure then you can contact the company for recommendations. They are very friendly, and as wine lovers they want everyone to have the best experience possible.

Wine boxes are much more respectable now, especially when the wine is this good, and for convenience that absolutely cannot be beaten. 




Our score: 10.0/ 10

A classy, convenient, and eco-friendly way to buy really lovely wine, and with a subscription you'll never run out of wine again!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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BIB Wine

  • Fine wine boxed
  • From £28.26

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BIB Wine

  • Fine wine boxed
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