Top Survival Subscription Boxes in the UK

Top Survival Subscription Boxes in the UK in 2020

Survival is all about preparation and survival subscription boxes allow you to be certain you’re ready for whatever the world unleashes. Whether you’re venturing out in the wilderness or just preparing your family for the unexpected, be prepared.

We’ve compiled the best survival subscription boxes in the UK, so you can always gear up like Bear Grylls even if you’re constantly burning through your supplies.

Best Survival Subscription Boxes in the UK

Admittedly, we still have limited options in the UK when it comes to survivalist boxes. Services like Battlbox and Barrel & Blade are hugely popular across the pond, but most won’t ship across the Atlantic.

Luckily, there are a couple of impressive UK survival boxes that we can recommend. Each box has its own strengths and drawbacks, but each is certain to expand your survivalist cache.

1. Prepper’s Paradise

The Prepper’s Paradise Survival Shop is the UK’s premier survivalist retailer. They specialise in everything from tools to shelter essentials and nutrition, and it’s all high-quality and affordable.

In addition to offering a full inventory of tents, gas masks, hydration sticks, and other on-demand supplies, they have a series of monthly food subscriptions. Their most popular options are their Emergency Food Kits. They have a 2 Day Emergency Food Kit for 1, a 2 Day Vegetarian Emergency Food Kit for 1, and a 3 Day Emergency Food Kit for 1.

In addition, they have larger MRE and freeze-dried meal kits that can be purchased via monthly subscription.

Included Essentials: A 2 Day Emergency Food Kit contains 8 assorted kits that are sealed and good for a full 7 years. The 3 Day Emergency Food Kit contains 12 kits. Each month, you’ll receive a variety of food selections like morning oats, scrambled eggs, chilli con carne with rice, and pasta Bolognese. The vegetarian kit includes options like vegetable chipotle chilli with rice, macaroni cheese, and rice pudding with strawberry. All meals are freeze-dried and suitable for extreme weather. If you’re really looking to stockpile, you might invest in the full-size MRE and Freeze Dried Meal Monthly Subscriptions.

Price: The 2-day kits cost £34.99 per month. The 3-day kits cost £53.99 per month. It comes to about £4.50 per meal. The large MRE and Freeze Dried Meal Monthly Subscriptions cost £200 but contain at least £250 worth of supplies.

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2. Greenman Bushcraft

Like Prepper’s Paradise, Greenman Bushcraft is not a subscription service by default. They carry outdoor clothing, cutting tools, fire lighting, and other survivalist/outdoor essentials.

However, customers love their series of Mystery Boxes. The box is available in three sizes, and each contains an assortment of survival supplies valued at a higher amount than you’re paying. Though it’s not a subscription, there’s no limit to the number of boxes you can purchase. You might start with the small and then order the medium or the large if you’re satisfied with what you receive.

Included Essentials: Each box is a surprise and contains a combination of valuable and basic items. You might receive a first aid kit, some basic tools, a hunting knife, or even something more substantial like a carving kit or thermal sleeping bag. Though you never know what you’ll receive, every item is useful for the committed prepper.

Price: The small Bushcraft Mystery Box 1 costs £20. The medium Bushcraft Mystery Box 2 costs £41. The large Bushcraft Mystery Box 3 costs £83. VAT is included with your purchase.

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Best Supplementary Survival Subscription Boxes in the UK

Though there aren’t a lot of survival subscription boxes in the UK, there are quite a few lifestyle boxes that contain the kinds of supplies that every prepper needs—and most are extremely affordable. When you’re stocking up for a future emergency, you need general nutrition, hygiene supplies, and perhaps even the ability to produce your own food. By scheduling a box to arrive at your home each month, you can ensure that you’re always increasing your readiness.

1. Seed Pantry

Survival means the possibility of living off the land for a while, so you’re going to need to grow your own food at some point. Seed Pantry has you covered. Each month, you’ll receive seasonally appropriate seeds and bulbs that you can plant and water immediately. And because you’re in control of what seeds you want, you can select “All Food” and dedicate 100% of your subscription to organic sustenance.

Included Essentials: Each month, Seed Pantry sends you 6 items to grow. Food options include sweet peas, spinach, kale, radish, tomatoes, and much more. Herbs and chili peppers are also available. Build a sustainable garden that replenishes itself no matter how long you plan to be off the grid.

Price: Seed Pantry subscriptions start at just £12.99 and include an average 40% savings on bulbs, seeds, and plants. Delivery is always free for subscribers.

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2. Cornerstone

Every survivalist needs a quality stash of razors. After all, you don’t want your beard falling below your knees—or maybe you do, in which case, carry on. Cornerstone is the most popular men’s shaving subscription in the UK, boasting over 250,000 subscribers. Their model is simple: select a combination of shaving items, and Cornerstone will ship them out to you each month. Update or cancel your subscription at any time.

Included Essentials: Each new subscriber receives a personalised razor handle. Every month, you receive a fresh set of razors, each with five ultra-fine blades made with titanium and diamond-grade carbon. Use these razors anywhere and anytime, and enjoy a smooth, flawless shave. Your subscription can also include other essentials like shave cream, shave gel, toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes.

Price: Plans start at just £20 and include free shipping throughout the UK. The Starter box includes your personalised handle, 6 razors, and shave cream, and it’s fully customisable.

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3. Friction Free Shaving

While Cornerstone is generally geared toward men, Friction Free Shaving is the UK’s premier shaving subscription for women. So if you’re stocking up on supplies for the family, you’ll want to head over to Friction Free Shaving as well. The handles and shave products are all made from natural, eco-friendly products, and the company offers a variety of flexible subscription plans to meet your needs.

Included Survival Essentials: The basic package includes 6 diamond-coated blades, a precision trimmer blade, and an aloe vera lubrication strip. The blade is smooth on the skin and easy to use thanks to the flexible head and ergonomic handle. Each blade includes a lubricating vitamin E strip for maximum comfort and minimal irritation. Shave cream, wax strips, and other shave products are also available with your subscription.

Price: Your personalised rose or iris handle costs £9.95. From there, you can get your shave products delivered monthly for as little as £5. UK delivery is free.

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4. Primal Snack Box

Primal Snack Box offers the UK’s original Paleo subscription box. We recommend this one because it provides complete protein snacks that can be stored for emergencies. Primal Snack Box also offers a gluten-free box, a dairy-free box, a vegetarian box, and a vegan box, so you have plenty of options if Paleo isn’t your thing.

Included Essentials: Each snack box includes healthy, long-lasting treats like grass-fed jerky, energy bars, chocolates, and seed-and-nut mixes. Each box contains 9 to 10 snacks, so there’s always plenty to go around, especially if you’re stocking up. And because these snacks contain no refined sugar, you won’t have to worry about crashing when you need your strength the most.

Price: Purchase a one-off box or subscribe for as little as £17.99 per month. Choose between 3, 6, and 12-month plans.

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5. The Honestly Good Smoothie Company

Hydration is critical for survival. If you combine that hydration with essential nutrients, even better. The Honestly Good Smoothie Company is the UK’s premier smoothie subscription service. Each smoothie arrives flash-frozen, so just store it in the freezer for as long as you need to. They’re especially ideal for campers and wilderness explorers, as you can just blend the smoothie and then place it in a thermal bag or backpack cooler to keep it cold until you need a pick-me-up. All smoothies are 100% organic and Soil Association-certified

Included Essentials: The Honestly Good Smoothie Company has a variety of subscriptions to choose from. We recommend the green smoothie subscription, which contains a healthy balance of protein, fruits, and veg to keep you nourished and hydrated. We love the Green Clean Protein smoothie because it contains a blend of tofu, broccoli, grapes, peas, kale, flaxseed, and spirulina—providing a complete and satisfying nutrient profile.

Price: Subscriptions start at just £27.50. Choose between weekly, fortnightly, and monthly subscription plans. Sign up for their newsletter to get £10 off your first order.

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If we have missed a survival or EDC subscription box that you love, or if you have any personal recommendations, please let us know in the comments!

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