I relish the idea of employing a team of personal stylists to keep me coiffured with a capsule wardrobe of on-trend pieces, each one tailored to my size and unique style. Instead, my closet is a battlefield, overflowing with pieces that I’ve hastily purchased online. I have a vague understanding of what fabrics, cuts and patterns suit me, but have neither the time nor the vocation to keep up with the Joneses.

The BERG CLUB recognises this common state of fashion frustration. Unfortunately for me, the service is exclusively for men- so it’s my boyfriend who has selflessly volunteered to trial the service. Needless to say, he is afflicted with the same satirical ennui and the concept of having clothing delivered straight to the door appealed to him.

On a mission to obliterate wardrobe woes, BERG CLUB’s team of stylists curate a box of clothing items or accessories to your individual specifications. Depending on your subscription option, you can expect a delivery of contents exclusive to BERG- or from their luxury brand affiliates- that adhere to your preselected preferences, including your measurements and personal style, which ranges from casual, smart or dapper. Subscribers need only log into the website and fill out a style profile. Then it’s a short wait before a box shows up on your doorstep.

We ordered the BERG CLUB Exclusive box with my boyfriend’s specifications of smart clothing with bold colours. Neatly wrapped in tissue and packed inside a plain cardboard box, the two items were pristinely folded. Unpacking the clothing, we were impressed by the quality of the items- they appeared to be made to a high standard with robust, comfortable fabrics.

BERG CLUB- July 2016 Sticker


  • One pair of shorts
  • One long-sleeve shirt
  • A pamphlet with stylist’s notes

BERG CLUB- July 2016 Box Items

We received a pair of chino shorts that popped with a vibrant red and a smart long-sleeved check patterned shirt. My boyfriend immediately approved of both items, feeling that they could easily be integrated into his wardrobe. Both were made from 100% cotton, making them breathable and soft to the touch.

BERG CLUB- July 2016 Shorts

The shorts were a striking cherry colour and versatile- they could smarten up a t-shirt or easily pair with a polo shirt for a more put-together outfit. My boyfriend particularly liked the ease of which they could either be worn with the check shirt- an instant outfit- or complemented with another item from his current apparel. The ability to mix and match items means that they won’t sit on a hanger waiting for a special occasion, but can immediately be introduced to daily wear. The chino style is an effortless summer staple and they’ve had several outings already, mostly worn on the weekends with a relaxed t-shirt. In the accompanying stylist notes, it’s suggested to match these with either a checked pattern or a light colour shirt in particular.

BERG CLUB- July 2016 Shirt

The check shirt is stylish, making it an ideal addition to a workwear capsule. The pattern grants enough character to stand out from the bland neutrals that my boyfriend has a tendency to avoid- as a designer, it’s important to him to balance both a smart, tailored look with some eye-catching details. The fabric isn’t cheap polyester, giving the shirt a smart, crisp appearance and promising that it will have a significant lifespan in his wardrobe. In the stylist’s notes, it’s highlighted that this shirt effortlessly pairs with either the chino shorts or shorts of a lighter colour to keep a classic edge. In more casual environs, it’s suggested that wearers roll up the sleeves to reveal a flash of the contrasting colours on the inside. Again, this is intended to be another adaptable ‘dress up or down’ piece.

BERG CLUB- July 2016 All

We were both impressed with the quality, value and the style of each piece included in the BERG CLUB box. The stylist’s notes were helpful and made an impact on how my boyfriend sported the shorts on a casual Sunday and kept the shirt looking smart for work. The EXCLUSIVE box arrives monthly and for £79 including shipping, two items will arrive at your doorstep. For a taste of further luxury, there’s a BERG ELITE (£149 with shipping) and a BERG REFINED GENT (£300 with shipping) option.

The one apprehension that my boyfriend expressed in advance was the returns policy- and this promises to be hassle-free. Anything that doesn’t fit or simply doesn’t suit can be returned, free of charge. The team at BERG CLUB will ensure that subscribers are delighted with their box and will happily replace any items. They also promise to update their individualised preferences and profile to guarantee that they don’t receive a similar item again, so it does feel like an entirely bespoke service.

The BERG CLUB box taps into the ambivalence that some men experience when it comes to refreshing their wardrobes- it makes the task of putting together an ensemble a snap without the torture of trawling through clothing racks. My boyfriend was satisfied with the price point too- at about £40 a piece- given the quality and care gone into the selection of each item. It might seem like a premium service, but well-made garments never come cheap. He liked the notion of leaving this chore to someone else- I wouldn’t dare profess to have an eye for men’s fashion, so better a BERG stylist than me!

This is a solid bet and a small luxury for the contemporary male urbanite. It would also make a thoughtful gift for any man with an aversion to weekend shopping trips. I think my boyfriend covertly liked the idea of having a personal stylist too, but who wouldn’t?

Our score: 9.0/ 10

A great luxury for male city-dwellers who can't bear the thought of shopping, but like looking well-coiffured.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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Berg Club

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Berg Club

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