Belgibeer: The Ultimate Belgian Craft Beer Experience February 2018

‘Every month we discover a different craft brewer and collect the freshly brewed beers together with glassware, beers mats, posters and anything available on site.
In our warehouse the #beerbox are carefully prepared for you.
“We are the first online shop providing Belgian craft beers with a monthly discovery and subscription.”

Each box contains the glass of the brewery of the month; the beer magazine Golden Hops; surprise in your box each month (a gadget from the brewery, an extra bottle, a T-shirt, …) and special discounts on our offers each month.’

Subscriptions are as follows:

8 bottles: £23.90 + £4.90 home delivery (other delivery options available)

4 bottles: £18.00 + delivery as above.

There was no glass in this month’s box. There is a magazine, though you can’t see it here because I opened the box upside down by accident. Oops. At least you can see how well everything is packed!

This is the magazine. It tells you all about this month’s brewery, De Ranke.

There’s also information about their beers, and even a recipe!

I love Sabayon, though I’ve never heard of it being made with dark beer!

So, the beers.



This blonde beer isn’t strong for a Belgian beer. It smells quite sweet, though the taste is much more savory. It’s a pretty delicate flavour though, with a slightly bitter but pleasant edge.



This is much stronger, though it doesn’t taste quite as strong. It’s sweet at the start and then has a sour, slightly citrussy finish.

XX Bitter


In the magazine this is described as the most bitter beer in the range, and this was absolutely true. I found it extremely bitter, almost sour. I didn’t like this one.

Noir De Dottignies


This one packs a hell of a punch! The flavour is good, despite the strong alcohol taste. It’s very deep with a bitter edge, but has lots of burnt toffee and chocolate.

This month’s selection is very interesting. The brewery itself is fascinating, with a strong traditional brewing ethos and utilizing some unusual and ancient techniques.

I’ve never seriously disliked any of the beers in this box before, but I’m not worried about this one-off! The notes do say that it is extremely bitter, and I’ve found a happy home for the other one!

I’m not quite convinced about the Sabayon recipe, it’s usually made with Marsala and is sweet, though it’s certainly a twist on a classic! Maybe I’ll try it when I’m in an adventurous mood. (Oh, and if you’re going to make it, you should always use a double boiler not direct heat, because that way lies sweet scrambled eggs!)

The box is delivered but courier and the packaging is very reliable. Value-wise, the large box is a no-brainer. Including home delivery, each beer is £3.60, rather than the £5.72 each for the small box. (You can knock delivery down to £2 if you collect from a dpd collection point, which is even better value.)

As always, beer is cheap in supermarkets, but you’re not going to find proper craft beer from small breweries. When you start to look online for Belgian craft beer, the prices are entirely comparable.


Our score: 8.6/ 10

This box, specializing in small craft breweries, is a wonderful way of trying unusual and specialist craft beers. The vale is terrific, and it would also make a wonderful gift for the adventurous beer-lover!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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