Beanify – April 2016

Beanify Coffee Subscription

I couldn’t wait for my first Beanify gourmet coffee pack to arrive!
The thought of exotic coffee blends being delivered straight to my door filled me with excitement.
Beanify Coffee

The special blend of Beanify offers a unique mixture of Ethiopian and Indian beans, giving you to the great characteristics of these coffee-producing countries. This is considered as an earthy and rich coffee filled of flavors that are suited for any occasions. It has an excellent taste. Its smooth bodied coffee with subtle traces of rich dark chocolate that comes from Ethiopian Mocha beans, topped off with a warming space hint will absolutely leave your palate craving for more.


Beanify delivers anywhere in the UK mainland and you can choose from different subscription packages-

Monthly subscription – from £7.50 per month
3 month subscription – £24 with a choice of one or two bags of coffee
6 month subscription – £47 with one bag of coffee; £75 with two bags of coffee
12 month subscription – £90 with one bag of coffee; £144 with two bags of coffee


Beanify Coffee - espresso blendThis is a great idea for lovers of coffee who don’t want to stick with the same blend all the time. That’s exactly what I was doing until I decided to step outside of my comfort zone.

The coffee arrived in a little padded envelope and smelt amazing.

Sure, at the beginning I thought this particular Ethiopian blend was a little bitter but I developed the taste for it after making it weaker at the beginning and stronger as the bag diminished!

I had requested that my coffee beans be ground for the Espresso Machine.

You can choose whether you will receive the beans whole or ground and another choice of coffee maker!

Although my coffee was ground for the Espresso machine, it was less bitter coming out of the Cafetière, so no matter the blend, there are always ways to figure out how many scoops you need ;) As long as it isn’t so fine that it slips up through the plunger on your Cafetière.

My favourite part about the Coffee subscription is the variety and I highly recommend this subscription. Personally, I would go for the 6 month pack but I LOVE coffee. A little too much if you ask my GP.
Don’t over do it though. You don’t want to be able to see your own heartbeat!

In dealing with AllSubscriptionBoxes, the service is impeccable. The same can be said for Beanify.

Enjoy some coffee or treat the coffee fiend in your life to a subscription!

Our score: 9.1/ 10

A great way to try a variety of coffee without having to go to the effort of actually making a decision of which blend to try!

  • Quality of products8.5
  • Originality8.5
  • Packaging and delivery9.5
  • Value for money9.5
  • Selection of products9.5

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