Banjo Robinson – Thailand

Banjo Robinson the Travelling Cat has taken another long journey, this time to Thailand! And the envelope is looking extra thick this month, I wonder why?


First the letter. I love how the style combines funny stories about his adventures and new friends he meets with interesting real information about the places he’s traveling. Little touches like describing some of the food and animals with mentioning the terrain, it’s a great little snapshot that kids will appreciate and learn from.

Letters are personalized, with names, addresses, pets, parents’ names, even favorite foods. Parents can also add their own PS though the website, which is particularly nice if they have any extra special mentions they want to add!

I can also mention the lovely writing paper. Every letter has a slightly different design which links into the location.

The little colouring sheet included also references Banjo’s stories and adventures, plus the little drawings are lovely. There’s also a sheet of stickers, for the map wallchart, the reply letter, and just for fun, including a personalised sticker!

And as for the reply, well, when someone writes to you, you write back!

Party of the joy of Banjo Robinson letters is for children to send a letter back. And in case you’re concerned about how they’ll reach him, the letters are mailed under the sofa to be collected by one of Banjos pals. And when parents discreetly remove them, they can keep the letters as a lovely souvenir of childhood.

As well as the letter, reply, and stickers/colouring, there are a couple of extra treats!

A city map, with a couple of little activities and extra bits of trivia, and a recipe card! I think this one looks delicious, I adore real lemonade, or rather limeade in this case!


Our score: 10.0/ 10

I can never say enough good things about Banjo Robinson. From the fun anecdotes to actual cultural snippets, plus the encouragement of literacy, this is the most wonderful thing for children to have. I'm especially pleased about the extra items, having a recipe to try is a fantastic idea! One of the best things, of course, is that's it's totally low tech. No screens, just old school reading and writing and pen and paper. Plus it reinforces the importance of writing real letters because getting mail is such a pleasure. As for value, at a fiver a month (12 month subscription) for a letter every two weeks it's an incredible bargain. Whether as a gift or just because, having Banjo Robinson as a penpal is just wonderful.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
  • From £9.99

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
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