Banjo Robinson – India

Having a penpal is a long-lasting pleasure, and what better character for a child to write to than a travelling cat?

Banjo’s latest letter comes from India, and I think is his most fabulously coloured and illustrated one yet!

Banjo write with such enthusiasm, and combines anecdotes about his adventures along the way and animal friends he makes with brief but vivid descriptions of the places he visits.

Letters are addressed to the child themselves, and have little personal references included. These are provided by the parent or person who subscribes, so the child really feels like Banjo is writing to just them. Pets, favourite foods, even the sofa, they are all mentioned at one point or another.

Banjo tells his stories beautifully and amusingly, and children will very easily be able to picture what he is doing on his travels. There are plenty of jumping-off points for looking up further information, as well as suggestions and prompts to inspire the reply letters.

Replying is made extra easy by including paper and envelope with Banjo’s letter. These are also very important, as they give instructions on how to post the letter – under the sofa – so it can be collected by a local cat to be passed on to Banjo.

Of course, in practice the parent removes the letter at the appropriate time, and keeps them as a lovely souvenir of their child’s writing and drawing.

Not only is writing paper included, but there is a recipe card for a traditional food from the country visited, a city map with activities and trivia, and a colouring sheet. They even get a sheet of stickers, which are used for the world map included with the very first letter, and ‘stamps’ to be applied to the child’s return letter.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

Banjo Robinson's letters are so bright and imaginative! Writing letters is so much less common now, that this is an excellent way to encourage the use of pen and paper. For homeschooling you can cover history and geography using the letters, not to mention literacy, art, and general creativity. Of course it's not just for homeschoolers, any child would be excited to correspond with a travelling cat! The price, only around a fiver a month for fortnightly letters, is incredibly good value. This really is one of the most lovely, and pleasingly low-tech, gifts and activities I have seen for children.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
  • From £9.99

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
  • From £9.99