Banjo Robinson – France

Banjo Robinson the traveling cat is now at his first destination! This is the second letter in the series. The first letter (see Introduction review) contained a wallchart as  well as the letter.

This time we just have a letter, though it is just as entertaining.

Banjo is now in France.

As before, the envelope is beautifully decorated with stamps and stickers.

The letter is personally addressed to the child, which is lovely as everyone loves getting post. It’s nice and chatty, with information not just about Paris as you might expect, but also about other places Banjo visited, such as Mont Blanc, Nice, and and adventure by bicycle.

There are little facts thrown in, such as the yearly number of visitors to the Eiffel Tower, but they are all included in a fun manner, not in a ‘teaching’ way, which I think makes children far more receptive.

Before each letter goes out the parent (or gifter) gets an email asking if they want to add a personal PS that will relate to recipient. This is a lovely extra touch.

You don’t just get a letter from Banjo. Children are also encouraged to write back! To this end, you get a sheet of paper to write your letter. The size of this is perfect for children write several lines to Banjo without it feeling like a chore or work! Very nice for kids who are slightly more reluctant to write. The letter from Banjo includes questions and prompts to to inspire the child’s reply.

On the other side of the letter is space to draw a picture. You also get a little envelope with postal instructions (under the sofa), which will make a lovely keepsake for parents when they’ve surreptitiously removed the letter overnight.

Along with the letter, you get a sheet of personalised stickers. There are special stamps for the reply letter, and your country sticker which is applied to the wallchart map to track where Banjo has travelled.

There are other personalised stickers you can use as you wish!

Also included is a colouring sheet, which has lovely line drawings that relate to the stories is Banjo’s letter. The pictures are a perfect size too, small enough to completed by kids to are less keen on colouring, but detailed enough so they can still be creative.

It costs from £5.15 per month (two letters a month) for the full 12 month subscription, with slightly higher prices for shorter options.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

Penpals are well know, but now email is so common we get far fewer letters. But everyone loves to get post especially children! Banjo Robinson is such a wonderful way to inspire kids to read and write and learn a little about the world. The character of Banjo the traveling cat is incredibly appealing! The price of this is also incredibly good value. The two week space between letters is enough to keep interest going but not make it feel too frequent.This would be a wonderful gift or surprise treat for any child!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10

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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
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Banjo Robinson

  • Kids aged 4-8
  • From £9.99