Banjo Robinson – Brazil

Banjo Robinson – Brazil

Even if we can’t travel much right now, your child can follow the adventures of Banjo the Travelling Cat!

Banjo tours the world and writes your child a personalized letter every two weeks from his far-fling destinations. Most recently he has been partying in Brazil!

His letters are such fun. First, they are chatty and engaging, and mix little stories with descriptions and snippets of information about the country he is visiting. The letters themselves have wonderful illustrations, which look spectacular! Every letter has different illustrations too, which fit in with the letter contents.

When you subscribe you include a few things about the recipient, including things like pets and favourite foods. These details give the letters and even more personalized touch, which of course children love to see!

Parents can also write a special PS to be added to the letter, which is a great way to pass on through Banjo things like congratulations or reminders.

Part of the premise of the letters is that the child’s replies are collected by a neighborhood cat to be sent along to Banjo, so these cats often hear gossip about what’s going on in a child’s life!

For the child’s reply, everything needed is included, writing paper, envelope, and stickers and stamps.

The stamps are specially for ‘cat mail’, and the letters are posted under the sofa for later collection. Of course this means that the parents can sneak out the reply and put it away safely as a lovely souvenir of the child’s writing.

There are also stickers for the world map that is sent with the first letter, so children can follow along with Banjo’s travels.

There’s also a couple of bonus items, a colouring sheet that references events from the letter, a little city map activity sheet, and a recipe card for a local recipe.

Banjo sends two letters a month, which is the perfect frequency. It costs the bargain price of £5 a month, which is incredibly good value.

Banjo Robinson letters promote literacy and creativity, and it also encourages the pleasingly low-tech method of communication, letter-writing! Now so much is done electronically, getting real letters through the mail is something really special, and of course children love getting post of their very own. Hopefully this will set up some good habits for the future!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

We love Banjo's letters. They are funny and charming, and he gives plenty of cues and ideas for the child's reply back, as well as requests for drawings. So even the most reluctant reader will find this engaging and fun. It's also an incredibly good price, the cost of a couple of coffees a month, and a whole year of these wonderful letters is very inexpensive for a huge about of pleasure and some sneaky learning!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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