• Japanese snacks
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WOWBOX offers expertly curated premium Japanese snack boxes with snacks that has yet to be introduced to the world.  Every month we carefully select from historical snack to traditional snacks with a modern twist and everything in between.

Everyday we are hunting down unique snacks from all over Japan to bring a one of a kind experience to your home.

Prefecture Box

Strictly selecting local snacks and sweets from 47 Prefectures in Japan, the ‘Prefecture Box’ will take you on a journey as you explore Japan from a new perspective. From must-buy souvenirs to well-established local confectionery made by artisans!

This month the we are introducing snacks from Fukuoka (福岡) for the ‘Prefecture Box’. Fukuoka is Kyushu’s largest and populated city, with 6.8 million international passengers in 2019. Fukuoka is known for its fresh and high quality mentaiko (cod roe). Mentaiko are served on many Japanese dishes either raw or cooked. They are also found in specialty snacks such as in senbeis (rice crackers), rusk, and more. This month we are going to explore Fukuoka’s many flavors, with exclusive and unique snacks, including Hakata’s specialty mentaiko!

Healthy & Beauty Box

You will travel and explore the delicacies of Japan through a multitude of snacks featuring healthy & natural ingredients. Each month brings a new taste of regional snacks that fall into one or more of these categories: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and additive free.

Original Box

Experience the full-range of Japanese snacks every month with Original WOWBOX. We curate a mix of treats ranging from buzzed-about convenience store sweets, such as limited Kit Kat and Pocky, to regional creations wowing your tastebud. Also included inside your box is a 500ml Japanese bottle drink.

Trial Tasting Box

Want to try WOWBOX before subscribing to a plan? Then get our Trial Tasting Box to get a taste of what you can expect! Inside you will find an array of treats ranging from convenience store snacks to local sweets. See what the buzz is all about!

Shipping Method:

FREE Express Shipping + SMS Tracking Number available for ALL our boxes including Premium Boxes for guaranteed delivery of premium snacks with short shelf lives.

Coupons Available

Premium Boxes (‘Prefecture Box’ and ‘Healthy & Beauty Box’)

1 Month Plan: 5% OFF plus 2 to 3 Premium Snacks

Use Code: BONUS1

3 Months Plan: 5% OFF plus 5+ Premium Snacks for your 1st box

Use Code: BONUS3

6 Months Plan: $25 OFF plus 2+ Premium large snacks for your 1st box

Use Code: BONUS6

12 Months Plan: $60 OFF plus 2+ Premium large snacks for your 1st box

Use Code: BONUS12

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  • Japanese snacks
  • From £30

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  • Japanese snacks
  • From £30