WOWBOX – November 2020: Health & Beauty Box

WOWBOX – November 2020: Health & Beauty Box

WOWBOX is a specially curated premium Japanese snack box with a variety of subscription options such as the Prefecture Box, Health & Beauty Box, Original Box and Trial Tasting Box.

The boxes are shipped directly from Tokyo every month and I was kindly sent the November Health & Beauty Box to review. Please note that the contents below will be different when you subscribe after 31st October as you’ll receive the next box but you can rest assure it will of similar great taste and quality!

Also, a reminder to our UK readers that a customs charge was applied to the box upon its entry into the UK which would need to be paid by the subscriber.

Are you curious about the WOWBOX? Here’s what I found inside the Health & Beauty Box which is the perfect box for those who want to keep to a healthy diet but still want to explore some savoury and sweet snacks, where several of the snacks fall into one or more of these categories: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and additive-free.

Nori Chips

This large sharing bag of Nori Chips brings the best flavours of the sea and has a wonderfully crunchy and crispy tempura texture. The Nori is carefully selected from Kumamoto’s local ‘Ariake Nori’ and they are very addictive so it’s easy to eat the whole bag!

Lotus Roots Chips

Next, I found a bag of Lotus Roots Chips which are made simply with only natural ingredients of Japanese lotus roots, vegetable oil (Japanese rice oil), and salt (Tokushima Naruto sea salt). Lotus Roots are rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin C, tannins and lutin and they have a satisfying crunch about them.

Beauty Marshmallow

For something sweet but still healthy, these Beauty Marshmallows use an exclusive ‘Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria’ technology which means there are 10 billion lactic acid bacteria in one bag. These can activate the immune cells of the intestines and improve the body’s immunity, and even make your skin look better.

Gobochi Yuzusco

One of Japan’s popular healthy snacks, Gobochi Yuzusco arere 100% made from Miyazaki’s own burdock and they are thinly sliced and very crispy. You can either enjoy them on their own or add them to meals such as noodles and salads to add some crunch.

Chaya Butter Sand Citrus

An interesting product that I have not seen before either in Japan or the UK are these Chaya Butter Sand Citrus packets. This vegetarian snack is made with ‘Rice flour macrobi butter sand’ that is a gluten-free rice flour made from superfood golden berries, pistachios, and oranges, along with macrobi specific butter made without using dairy products. It tastes like a biscuit with a citrusy cream filling.

Gohobi Jelly Strawberry & Muskat

Finally, I found two boxes from Gohobi Jelly. Inside each one are five sticks of fruity jelly which have 1,000mg of marine collagen is added. Gohobi Jelly uses natural fruits that are mashed and frozen quickly to lock in the sweetness of the fruit so you can enjoy fruity flavour and get the beauty benefits of the collagen!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Premium WOWBOX, you can take advantage of the Bonus Snack Campaign by clicking here.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

WOWBOX Health & Beauty box is an interesting selection of sweet and savoury Japanese snacks that will add some extra flavour into your life :)

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery7
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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