The Cocoa & Roast Club

  • Coffee & chocolate
  • From £19.99


The Cocoa & Roast Club believes that every one deserves excellent coffee and luxury chocolate in their lives. They also believe that they are even better when tasted together. That’s why they’re bringing you this delightful box of treats to savour every month.

The Cocoa & Roast Club is a brand new monthly subscription service, offering a selection of fine chocolate and artisan coffee. They only source our products from the best suppliers who trade fairly and who care about supplying only the best coffee & chocolate.


The coffee is sourced from micro-roasteries based around the UK, using coffee beans from small farms all over the world. Every month they will bring you a different, delicious flavour. But, what is coffee when not complimented by beautiful, luxurious chocolate? They’re not talking about supermarket fodder. The Cocoa & Roast Club are bringing you the best chocolate possible, and matching it perfectly with the coffee so that you can enjoy this delightful pairing every single month.

You’ll also receive handy little information cards, telling you all about the coffee and chocolate so that you can know exactly where it’s coming from.

By ordering from The Cocoa & Roast Club, you’re not only helping small businesses in the UK, you’re also helping small coffee and cacao farmers to make more profit, and live better lives.

You can choose from 4 membership plans, can cancel or skip anytime and you can pick from 4 different coffee grind types (Whole bean, Cafeteria, Filter, Espresso)

– A month-to-month subscription costs £19.99 per month.
– A 3 month prepay subscription costs £59.97 per month.
– A 6 month prepay subscription costs £113.99 per month (SAVE 5%)
– A 12 month prepay subscription costs £215.99 per month (SAVE 10%)


Our score: 9.0/ 10

The Coacoa & Roast Club is my kind of subscription box – I think one of these per month would keep me well stocked up for coffee – I just might need to pace myself a little on the chocloate if it is always this good!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products9

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The Cocoa & Roast Club

  • Coffee & chocolate
  • From £19.99


The Cocoa & Roast Club

  • Coffee & chocolate
  • From £19.99