• Novel for young adults
  • From £49.99

For book lovers and parents that want to install a reading culture in their kids, the Owlcrate book subscription box is perfect. With this subscription service, residents in the UK (+$19.99 for UK delivery) can expect the delivery of a monthly supply of books and bookish treats.

Finding the time to read is hard. Finding the time to go to the store to pick up new books is even harder. The monthly subscription box from Owlcrate will come with a book that readers will cherish. With a careful curation and selection process, there’s no easier way for readers to satiate their book appetites.

The Owlcrate box

What To Expect From the Owlcrate Service

Each box from Owlcrate comes with a top novel for young adults. Typically, this selection is the result of months of research. Therefore, users can expect the delivery of a novel they can lose themselves in.

That’s not all. Typically, the box will also include several goodies perfect for the book lover. These hoodies may be prints, stickers, accessories, toys, and jewelry. It’s the sort of randomness that makes subscribers look forward to every subscription box.

The books Owlcrate sends out will mostly be US editions and in hardcovers too. Additionally, it’s always the latest books. They only pick out books published in the 45 days leading up to delivery. Therefore, subscribers don’t have to worry about getting a book they already own.

The monthly book from Owlcrate may come from a wide variety of genres. Past selections include romance, high fantasy, steampunk, fairytale retellings, and more. Diversity is an important consideration as well! Their books showcase different backgrounds and cultures.

Why We Love The Owlcrate Subscription Box

We love this subscription box because of the detail that goes into the selection process. Korrina, a book lover, goes through the research process months in advance. In fact, she reads some of the titles months in advance. As a result, their books never miss!

Another great reason we love this book subscription is that there is something for kids too. The Owlcrate Jr subscription is perfect for kids from the ages of 8 to 12.

What is the Price of the Subscription?

Monthly plans cost $29.99. For Owlcrate Jr, the price is $27.99.

Does Owlcrate deliver to the UK?

Yes, Owlcrate delivers their boxes to the UK. For a small fee of $19.99, subscribers can get doorstep delivery in the UK.

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  • Novel for young adults
  • From £49.99

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  • Novel for young adults
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