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Audible is a subsidiary of e-commerce giant Amazon. It’s an app that creates and also sells millions of audiobooks. The catalogue available with a subscription in the UK is not limited to books by independent writers. Audible also offers in-house original titles to users.

What you get with Audible

A few years ago, we would turn our noses up at the very idea of consuming a book via audio. For most enthusiasts, the issue is that a voice may not be able to capture narratives excellently. However, thanks to the innovation that goes into the app, that’s a thing of the past.

With a free trial from Audible, we get access to a free audiobook. It may be an Audible original. However, if we are lucky, we may even get to listen to a classic title.

With the playback capabilities, most people don’t cancel their subscription. Even after the free trial expires, it’s more likely that we’ll keep up with monthly subscriptions.

The sheer size of their catalogue is a huge plus. It means we can finally get to listen to those books we’ve been coveting for years. Also, we can listen to these books while doing other things.

Amazon offers a high standard on all its services. In this respect, Audible doesn’t disappoint. We can expect accessibility, ease of usage, smooth app interface and an extensive variety of books — all of this with a monthly subscription.

What To Expect From An Audible Subscription?

Get access to over 300,000 audiobooks with Audible

Users in the UK get access to over 300,000 titles. Also, we get unlimited listening to comedies, documentaries and more from Audible. Every month, we also get one credit.

We can use a credit to buy one audiobook on this Amazon app. This cuts across a wide range of niches including fashion, romance, social media, business etc.

However, if there’s a need for more books, we’ll have to buy more credits. Conversely, there’s the option of paying per book (and enjoying huge discounts as a member). This is one of the significant advantages of paying for a membership plan after the Audible free trial expires.

Similarly, we can download two Audible original titles on every first Friday, monthly. These do not require credits. When we buy/download a book to the library, we can enjoy it for life. These books will remain in the library even if we cancel the subscription.

Why We Like it

The extensive catalogue is why we like Audible. Users in the UK can enjoy access to the largest catalogue of audiobooks in the world. Additionally, Audible is accessible on all platforms. With a single subscription, you can use audible on your Android and iOS phones, tablets, as well as desktops.

This means that no matter what we’re doing, we can always listen to audiobooks on Audible. Whether we’re driving, running, commuting or cooking, we can still catch up on our reading.

To cap it off, Audible offers some books in celebrity voices. There’s also the option of slowing or increasing play-speed for an audiobook. Essentially, we are in full control!

What is The Periodicity of An Audible Subscription?

Audible offers a monthly subscription model.

Prices of Subscriptions

After the free trial period expires, users in the UK will have to pay $14.95 every month. However, we can decide to cancel the subscription at any point.

There’s a higher subscription model that costs $22.95 every month. This has the added advantage of two credits to buy books monthly.

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  • Audio books
  • From £7.99

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  • Audio books
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