Mystic Case

  • Escape room in a box
  • From £36

Mystic Case is a real escape room in a box delivered to your door. Each box contains exciting plot with logical and interactive tasks, various objects and tools, clues, cyphers, puzzles, codes, and detailed hints for every stage if you’re stuck.

It is simple to play:

  • Your goal is to resolve the detective case using the clues and all the objects you have
  • During the game you will need to discover hidden clues, resolve the puzzles, interact with objects and gather new information
  • Following the plot step by step you will find the final answer and resolve the case

Mystic Case is the perfect way to spend quality time together!

  • FAMILY FRIENDLY, there is something to do for everyone
  • SELF-SUFFICIENT, everything you need is already included into the box
  • EXCITING and INTERACTIVE, getting involved into the investigation you become a real team
  • TIME INDEPENDENT, you decide when to play, when to pause and when to continue

A fun way to challenge your brain and spend quality time with your family or friends. Kids from 7 years old are welcome to join this family home activity.

All boxes are stand alone and available as one-off purchase on our website. You can choose any current case:

  • Haunted Castle
  • UFO Crash
  • Time Machine
  • School of Magic
  • National Treasure
  • Unfinished case of Holmes

more cases to go this year!

Each box: £36.

FREE UK shipping, shipping to other countries is not available yet.

The ordered box will be despatched within 2-3 working days, and you can enjoy it right away!

Visit the website and choose your Mystic Case now.

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Mystic Case

  • Escape room in a box
  • From £36


Mystic Case

  • Escape room in a box
  • From £36