Monthly Tee Club

  • Novelty t-shirt
  • From £9.99

Subscription boxes are quickly becoming all the rage nowadays. They’re everywhere for everything, and the best part is that they always provide all the items you could need or want. The Monthly Tee Club is one such subscription box that will catch your eye.

This particular subscription box is the answer to the persistent old T-shirt problem. Once you subscribe, you can choose to get one, two, or four T-shirts monthly. You’ll never have to worry about running out of T-shirts again.

Interesting Details About The Monthly Tee Club

To answer the million-dollar question, every T-shirt in the Monthly Tee Club subscription box is made using pre-shrunk 100% ring-spun cotton. It is amazingly durable and super comfortable. Buyers should note that the Monthly Tee Club is a subscription box and not a clothing company. You will not choose the specific T-shirts that will be delivered to you in the box every month, but the box is instead curated for you.

On your profile, you can set up your choice of hobbies, interests, and style. The Monthly Tee Club will send you T-shirts according to the interests you have highlighted. Each Tee design is based on your personal preferences. It’s as if a well-wisher provides you with a gift of T-shirts every month without fail.

A bonus of the Monthly Tee Club is that it can also be given to a loved one as a gift. You can easily schedule the delivery and click on your loved ones’ interests or hobbies to get them their preferred T-shirt.

This subscription also has hoodies available in sizes that’ll easily fit everyone! If you’re someone who wears hoodies more than you wear T-shirts, or if you want the same service for both, you can do that. You can easily create a separate account and subscribe to our hoodies as well. The process is the same as the one for T-shirts.

Price, Quantity, and Periodicity


The Monthly Tee Club subscription box starts at £9.99. The price goes up according to the number of T-shirts in a box you’re subscribing to.


Once you create your account, you can easily choose the number of T-shirts you want to deliver to your house. It can be 1 per month, or 2, 3, or even 4 T-shirts per box.


The Monthly Tee Club is a monthly subscription box. Once you subscribe, a box of your preferred T-shirts will be delivered to your house.

Why Should You Choose This Subscription Box?

Now for the most important question, “Why is this box so special?” Well, for starters, you get T-shirts based on your preferences monthly! You don’t have to waste time going to the shops or stand around wondering which T-shirt to choose and how many to buy.

With this subscription box, you can rest assured of a wardrobe update every month. Each shirt for your box is chosen with extreme care and conscientiousness towards the interests you’ve chosen in our Tee checker.

Have fun with your Monthly Tee Club Box!

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Monthly Tee Club

  • Novelty t-shirt
  • From £9.99

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Monthly Tee Club

  • Novelty t-shirt
  • From £9.99