• Special edition books
  • From £27

Have you heard about Illumicrate ? Have you ever wanted a book subscription box that delivers special editions of new releases every month along with several exclusive merchandises? Do you want to diversify your reading, discover new authors, and collect beautiful books to decorate your bookshelf?

Many book subscription boxes focus on a specific genre or preference when deciding on the theme of their book box. While this can be great for selective readers, some book worms just want an all-around experience.

Luckily, Illumicrate understands that. This subscription service works to provide book lovers with aesthetically pleasing editions of books from all genres, alongside decorative merchandise!

What Illumicrate Has to Offer

The Illumicrate subscription box has a lot to offer. Each box includes a special edition of a highly anticipated new release, often with spray edges! The box also includes bookish goodies such as:

  • Fandom enamel pins
  • Art prints
  • Decorative plates
  • Fandom coasters
  • Puzzle stories
  • Fandom bookmarks
  • Shadowboxes
  • Tea
  • Magnets

Illumicrate also gives the option of buying a “book-only” box whereby you get a newly released book every month, but without any extra goodies.

You also have the option of buying Special Editions of books you love without a subscription plan. You can also buy subscription boxes separately.

What Are The Average Number of Products Per Box?

Each Illumicrate box has an average of seven products. These consist of the book and the bookish goodies.

Does Illumicrate Send Samples or Full-Sized Products?

Illumicrate does not send samples. However, if you are a rep for a company, you may get promotional goodies on the condition that you post about them.

They boxes send full-sized products. These include debut boxes and exclusive editions.

What We Like About Illumicrate

The best thing about Illumicrate for us is their special editions. These editions are not available anywhere else and are often aesthetically pleasing and in excellent condition.

We also love that they includes anticipated releases in their boxes. If, like us, you also can’t wait to get your hands on a new book, you may get one before the official release through a subscription.

Apart from the boxes, Illumicrate sells clothing items such as bookish shirts, leggings, hoodies, and sweatshirts.


Illumicrate has a monthly subscription. The different options and their prices are listed below:

  • Box – from £27 per month
  • Book Only – from £17 per month
  • Single Box Purchase – £27

For other items:

  • Book pattern leggings – £40
  • Book Lover T-shirt – £20
  • Rainy Day Reads Hoodie – £38
  • Late Night Readers Club Sweatshirt – £35
  • A Gathering of Shadows and A Conjuring of Light Set (exclusive editions) – £38
  • Uprooted and Spinning Silver (exclusive editions) – £55
  • Ace of Spades Debut Box – £18

Final Words

Illumicrate is perfect for all kinds of book lovers! Not only do they help readers to discover new authors, but they also deliver beautiful special editions that you can put on your shelves and decorate your room with. If you want to diversify your bookshelf, go for Illumicrate!

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  • Special edition books
  • From £27

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  • Special edition books
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