Flowers by Flourish

  • Freshest flowers
  • From £20

When it comes to sending out the freshest possible flowers, James and Lola of Flowers by Flourish design their hand-tied bouquet daily. Your job is to decide if you’re sending flowers as a gift, or if you’re looking to get a seasonal bouquet for yourself.

Flowers by Flourish : freshest possible flowers

Flowers by Flourish source their stems from the Dutch Flower Auctions, and subscriptions can be set up weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. They also offer a range of enticing discounts for first-time subscribers, which can cut the cost of flower delivery as much as half.

Their flowers are sent out via Royal Mail, which means they can deliver through the week – however, they do not send out flowers for delivery on Sundays or Mondays. However, for an added premium, you can arrange flower delivery on a Sunday, or for delivery tracking.

What we like about Flowers by Flourish

If you’ve ever wondered what you actually get in a flower subscription service, Flowers by Flourish have kept it transparent.

The number of stems in each bouquet determines the cost. So while the value of each stem varies, for single variety bouquets the price ranges between £1.50 and £4.00 per stem. A mixed bouquet guide is:

  • £20 Bouquet 10 – 15 stems
  • £25 Bouquet 13 – 18 stems
  • £30 Bouquet 16 – 24 stems
  • £40 Bouquet 21 – 30 stems
  • £50 Bouquet 26 – 37 stems
  • £60 Bouquet 31 – 45 Stems

This means in terms of knowing what you’re going to get, the guesswork has indeed been taken out of the service for you.


Prices for 10-15 stems in a bouquet start from £20.

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Flowers by Flourish

  • Freshest flowers
  • From £20

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Flowers by Flourish

  • Freshest flowers
  • From £20