ZenPop – October 2020: Ramen & Sweets Pack – Haunted Harvest

ZenPop – October 2020: Ramen & Sweets Pack – Haunted Harvest

ZenPop is a subscription service that specialises in bringing Japanese sweets, ramen bowls, stationery and more to the UK, so if you love all things Japanese, you’ll love the quirky nature of ZenPop!

These are the different types of subscription packs that ZenPop offers so you can choose the subscription which best suits your personal preferences and budget:-

  • Ramen Pack – 7 bowls of authentic and delicious Japanese noodles
  • Stationery Pack – 10 cute and high-quality items, including 3 writing tools
  • Sweets Pack – 15 kinds of weird and wonderful Japanese sweets and snacks
  • Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack – 2 or more bowls of ramen and at least 6 sweets and snacks

All the packs are shipped from Osaka to the UK and there are no customs charges to pay.

Here are the contents of the latest October Ramen & Sweets Pack which is themed Halloween Harvest:-

Midori no Tanuki Tensoba

This special edition gold-fringe designed ramen bowl celebrates the brand’s 40th anniversary in style and features an additional topping of extra shrimp tempura to enjoy. These medium-fine fried soba noodles are made with Japanese mountain yam which makes them extra smooth and easy to eat, plus the tasty soup stock contains sardines, bonito flakes and kelp to make a great dashi stock – yum!

Menshokunin Yuzu Shio Ramen

The second ramen to be featured in this pack is called Menshokunin Yuzu Shio Ramen. At just 292 calories, this is a guilt-free ramen treat which has whole wheat flour noodles as a healthier, non-fried alternative. Toppings include fluffy eggs and scallions which complement the classic shio (salt) soup which is accentuated with Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit.

KitKat Share Bag – Limited Edition Apple Pie flavour

Moving onto the ‘sweets’, I found a huge share bag of KitKat which is in a special limited edition Apple Pie flavour just for Halloween. I rarely see flavoured KitKats like this in the UK and I can confirm they are delicious!

Umaibo – Happy Corn Pottage flavour

Umaibo is Japan’s favourite puffed corn snack which roughly translates to ‘delicious stick’ – as you can see it’s a chunky stick that’s similar to a giant Wotsit but with a thicker texture. It’s crunchy and savoury with a Corn Pottage Soup flavour – very popular in Japan.

Shimi Chocolate Corn

This packet is Shimi Chocolate Corn which is another popular corn puff based snack in Japan. Light in texture, the star-shaped corn puffs are dipped in chocolate to make them extra-delicious. Mmmm!

Sonomanma Monster Gum

Here we have a pack of Sonomanma Monster Gum which contains three balls of chewing gum, one of which is extra-sour so it’s like trick or treat ;)

Fettucine Gummi – Orange

Chewy gummies are popular with kids and adults throughout Japan and Fettucine Gummi are sweet and tart sugar-coated sweets that resemble, yes you’ve guessed it, fettuccine pasta. It’s a little strange at first but the orange flavour is very addictive!

Baby Star Chicken Ramen Maru

The last product is a bag of Baby Star Chicken Ramen Maru – small bite-sized pieces of crunchy, crispy ramen discs in salty chicken ramen flavour. A very Japanese snack!

Our score: 9.6/ 10

A fun and varied box from ZenPop - check out their website and subscribe today!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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  • Japanese ramen, snacks & stationery
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  • Japanese ramen, snacks & stationery
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