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Do you enjoy vaping as much as we do? It is indeed a more rewarding and even safer alternative to smoking. With an exciting subscription box like ZampleBox, you can reduce your monthly spending!

In ZampleBox, we have discovered the first and most incredible membership club for the vaping community. It delivers an amazing curated subscription box of high-quality vape juice to all its members each month. The vape juices are valued at increasingly low wholesale prices, making the experience great all the way around!

ZampleBox: What does it offer?

ZampleBox allows each customer to curate their flavor profile, choosing from over 300 leading US-based vape brands, and enjoy monthly deliveries. They offer a wide variety of vape flavors and vaping juice brands, alongside exciting surprises and new flavors each month.

The ZampleBox

We love how ZampleBox never fails to add variety and quality to offer more excellent value to its members. They make vaping incredibly affordable, exciting, and convenient. You get to discover amazing new products and flavors each month, taking your experience to a whole new level.

Customers to get to try exciting new flavors each month, eliminating the hassle of late-night trips to restock on your vape juice. ZampleBox will make sure that your monthly stock is restored to your preferences and tastes.

The family is rapidly growing, and we’re not surprised to see the popularity this unique brand is enjoying!

What’s in the box?

The ZampleBox comes with exciting surprises, based on each member’s personally curated flavor profile. The brand pays close attention to the vaping and flavor preferences of each member. Their plans are highly affordable, starting at $1 per day. Subscribers also get to enjoy 67% discounts on retail prices!

ZampleBox vape juices

Customers simply have to outline their preferences, and ZampleBox will make sure that all the flavors you love and enjoy are delivered to your doorstep each month. We absolutely adore this first-of-its-kind monthly vaping experience. They offer the best e-liquid flavors and vaping juices, and the prices are amazing.


The 12-bottle ZampleBox offers the following:

  • 12 30ml bottles of vaping juices
  • A total of 360ml vape flavors
  • Priced at $49.99 (£37.64)

The 6-bottle ZampleBox offers the following:

  • 6 30ml bottles of vaping flavors
  • A total of 180 ml vaping juices
  • Priced at $29.99 (£22.58)

The 3-bottle ZampleBox offers the following:

  • 3 30ml bottles of vaping juice
  • A total of 90ml vape flavors
  • Priced at $19.99 (£15.05)

We strongly recommend vape lovers to go for the 12-bottle Box if they quickly run through their stock and seek to enjoy lower prices. With this box, customers get to enjoy the lowest rates: $4.17 per bottle.

Does ZampleBox deliver in the UK?

It most certainly does! The ZampleBox UK family is rapidly growing, and the brand offers shipping throughout the world at $16.99. ZampleBox UK customers can enjoy their monthly subscriptions for £12.79.

ZampleBox deliver in the UK

Customers can track their orders using the shipping information, and your monthly subscription box will take around 2-4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep.

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ZampleBox logo


  • Vape Juice
  • From £40

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  • Vape Juice
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