WowBoxMe – July 2018

WowBoxMe – July 2018

WowBoxMe is a monthly food and drinks subscription box that’s packed full of some of the newest products to launch from mostly well-known brands that you’ll be able to find at your local supermarket. They offer two types of subscription box; an alcoholic box which costs £9.99 and a non-alcoholic box that’s £6.99 per month (plus postage fees), and although the contents will be a surprise each time, the overall value of the box will be higher than the subscription fee, so it’s an affordable way to try out a bunch of new products.

This week I received July’s non-alcoholic WowBoxMe, so if you’re curious to find out more, keep reading!

Doritos Collisions and Hula Hoops Flavarings

On the top of the main contents inside the box were two share size packets of crisps. The Doritos Collisions are an interesting snack as they contain two different flavours within the same bag (Habanero Chilli and Guacamole), so they’re a lot of fun to eat and I imagine kids would love these! The Hula Hoops Flavarings, on the other hand, are in a Tangy Cheese flavour and these are basically like big, puffed up versions of Hula Hoops which are much lighter and similar to Quavers.

Tasty Bite Indian Channa Masala

Next up, I found a packet of Tasty Bite Indian Channa Masala which is a quick and easy ready meal pouch that you can pop in the microwave for when you’re short on time or get home late. Made with all-natural ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and chickpeas, this packet is GMO-free, contains no added MSG and is vegan-friendly. I tried it last night with some basmati rice and it was really good with a subtle level of spices. Yum!

Lucozade Cherry flavour and Vit Hit Detox Juice Drink

I’m personally not much of a fan of energy drinks, so one of my housemates had the Lucozade Cherry and they enjoyed it. I did like the Vit Hit Detox Juice Drink though which is a blend of Mandarin and Orange with added Green Tea and Vitamins. At only 35 calories a bottle, this is definitely something that I would buy again.

Rubicon Street Drinks Aqua Fresa

Inspired by traditional Mexican flavours, these new Street Drinks from Rubicon are refreshingly different and are bursting full of fruity flavour. This one has Watermelon, Lime and Mint and it’s perfect for when you want something to quench your thirst during this heatwave!

McVities Jaffa Cakes Lemon & Lime flavour

New from McVities are these Lemon & Lime flavoured Jaffa Cakes. I shared the pack with my housemates last night when we were all watching a movie and the general opinion was that they were OK, but not as nice as the regular orange flavoured Jaffa Cakes.

Hill Biscuits Chocolate Creams

Next, I found a packet of Hill Biscuits Chocolate Creams but these had unfortunately gotten quite crushed during transit and instantly broke into little pieces when I opened the packet. I’m not too annoyed though as these weren’t very good and had a really dry and artificial chocolate flavour to them. Not for me.

Maltesers Buttons

Lastly, there are two bags of the brand new Maltesers Buttons, one in a larger treat size and the other is a standard portion size. These are really yummy and a fun twist for the Maltesers brand!

Our score: 8.4/ 10

This hasn't been my favourite box from WowBoxMe and I'm disappointed that some of the products like the Hula Hoops Flavarings, Vit Hit drink and the Maltesers Buttons were also included in last month's box. I'd love to see more variety in future boxes.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products8

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