Wineist box imageCurated premium wine tasting experience delivered to your home. Enjoy a monthly delivery of new quality wine samples, from the wine cellar to your doorstep. A new way to explore the beautiful world of wine.

Each month wine professionals, from all over the world, choose new wines for your tasting pleasure. The Wineist tasting package, is delivered to your home, your office or your friend’s house. Ready to be tasted with all the data about the wines and producers. You will experience the wines and their stories. You will taste, nose, see the colour, travel the wine map and of course enjoy. You will build your wine profile and discover which wines you love the best. Prepare to have your taste buds rocked.

Wineist [waɪn-ist] is a person who loves wine, culture and a story behind every wine. Wineist is a member of a new movement “Wineism” which represents the new era of wine appreciation. Wineist doesn’t just drink the wine, he/she is observing the color, smells the fruits and flowers in it, tastes it and enjoys it, without prejudice. Wineists meet at

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If you love wine, but haven’t explored with your taste buds or broadened your knowledge of wines from around the World… then this is the monthly subscription box for you!

In the box you will receive

  • 6x50ml bottles of superb wines from around the world
  • A complete tasting instruction kit for guided tasting
  • Information on the wine with tasting notes
  • And a few other surprises…


The box was really well presented with 6 x 50ml bottles of excellent wines in colour order, that have been picked by wine professionals, from all over the world, to go with the months theme of the box. This month’s theme was “Orient to Occident”, basically East to West, I received a variety of wines from around the globe. I also received a wine tasting guide that helps you learn and understand the colour, smell, taste and wine culture. I found this really informative and educational to help you appreciate and learn about the wines in the box, if you decide to read it all, or just go straight into the wines and blind test them – either way I’m sure you will enjoy!


I’m not a sommelier, so I had no idea where to start! I found the wine tasting guide a really nice touch to the box. The guide helped me appreciate and thoroughly enjoy them a lot more than I normally do when drinking wines. The guide explains everything about the wines from the history of the company to what temperature they are best served at. Every detail is covered. On the reverse side is a wine tasting map, I used this to taste each wine as I really wanted to learn about each wine in depth. Wineist also tell you in the guide what foods and dishes are recommended with each wine in your box if you want guided tasting, along with some interesting facts. I found this really accommodating and I wouldn’t have had the same experience with the wines, so the guide is a must for the box.

The wines I received:

  • Canyon Road, Chardonnay 2012 – California
  • Boekenhoutskloof, Porcupine Ridge, Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – South Africa
  • Bodega Hiriart, Ѐlite Rosado Rosѐ 2011 – Spain
  • Zull, Lust & Laune Rosѐ 2012 – Austria
  • Kocobağ Kaya Kapadokia 2012 – Turkey
  • Vinakoper, Cabernet-Shiraz 2008 – Slovenia

Overall, I really loved this box and every wine they sent! I enjoyed learning about the wine culture and will be subscribing in the future. The box is good value for money as you are able to explore new wines to find your new favourites for a small price and all in the comfort of your own home.

Monthly subscription: €16.99 per month plus €7 shipping to the UK (€10 shipping to the rest of the world)

2 month subscription: €18.99 per month (one time payment) plus €7 shipping to the UK (€10 shipping to the rest of the world)

6 month subscription: €13.99 per month (one time payment) plus €7 shipping to the UK (€10 shipping to the rest of the world)

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