Weekend Box – March 2018

The Weekend Box Club is a membership organisation created to provide high quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together.

By providing you with the things you need when you need them, The Weekend Box Club allows you to spend quality time getting to know your children and watching them develop key life skills as you spend time together.

The Bumper Box, which I am reviewing, contains four fun activities to Make, Bake, Explore & More. It costs £8.95 a month, with free delivery. The age range is 3 – 8.

My assistant Little C is seven, so is a great age to be trying this out! This another review where the pictures are lit by quality LED overheads, so please excuse the less than lovely look.  However they are all genuine ‘action shots’!

The box is brightly coloured and has lots of friendly characters!

This month’s theme is Mothering Sunday! We’re actually a week late doing this, as we were pretty busy on the actual Mother’s Day weekend, but it doesn’t matter, because it means I get an extra Mother’s Day!

Inside the box are four neatly bagged activities, plus a few extra bits that don’t fit in the bags.

The instructions for each activity are in a little booklet.

The Keyring was the first activity Little C wanted to do.

We cut out the little inserts, and Little C used the colouring pencils to decorate them. They fitted into the keyring very nicely, and will look lovely on my keys!

Next was the Flower Crown.

This was slightly more involved, with lots of cutting out and making different shapes. The little frill on the top is supposed to look like grass, with some lovely added flowers. Very pretty and springlike!

And here is the finished crown, I feel like a queen! (Little C took this picture!)

Time for some baking! Yum, shortbread.

The recipe is very simple, just flour, butter, and sugar. Flour and sugar were included, and you provide 26g of butter. The butter and sugar was creamed together. (I helped a bit with that because the butter wasn’t very soft.)

Then the flour was added. The instructions said to mix, but I decided it would work better to mix by hand.

Then the dough was rolled out, placed on a greased baking tray, and into the oven.

While they were baking we made the final activity, a Tissue Paper Flower.

Tissue paper was folded, and the edges cut into curves. Then a pipe cleaner was wound around the middle to create the stem, and it was time to open out the tissue leaves. 

Doesn’t that look lovely? It’s a remarkably big flower too, though fortunately it wasn’t too heavy so it stayed upright in the yogurt pot.

I really like the variety of activities in Weekend Box. It’s especially lovely to have something to bake! The shortbread were absolutely delicious, even if they weren’t perfectly shaped!

The flower is simple but it looks really impressive, because it is so large and cheerful. It will last a lot longer than fresh flowers too, and it’s simple enough to repeat again.

It’s always very nice to carry around something your child has made, so a keyring is a perfect little gift.

And as for the crown, it’s always nice to be a queen on Mother’s Day!

These activities usually require at least a moderate amount of parental assistance, especially with things like cutting out, but I think young children will always feel very involved and in control of the process.

This theme is very sweet, and I really like that more than one of the activities this month are made as gifts. Children can be creative within structured activities, and the results are very satisfying, especially that shortbread!



Our score: 8.4/ 10

A terrific budget option for creative fun with your kids, with the bonus of delicious things to eat!

  • Quality of products7
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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Weekend Box

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Weekend Box

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