• Scottish Subscription Box
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Gone are the days when one would spend hours finding a perfect gift for a friend or a treat to self. You can now surprise your loved ones (or yourself, for that matter) with cool subscription boxes that best suit your liking and interests. To us, subscription boxes are the newest – and presumably the most innovative – way to choose gifts.

One such subscription box is WeeBox, designed especially for Scots and all those who are Scots at heart. Consisting of goodies that are exclusively and often only available in Scotland, WeeBox is the perfect way to reminisce home if you are a Scot living far away. Or it’s the ideal gift to send to your Scottish friends or family!

What’s In The WeeBox?

The WeeBox will remind you of Scotland, thanks to the handpicked items you receive. These items include something for you to taste, experience, wear or even decorate your house with.

Of course, what you actually get remains a secret. The WeeBox is a complete surprise as you do not get to pick the items you’ll when you subscribe to the box. Instead, the Scottish makers of the WeeBox are in charge of giving you a delightful peek of Scotland in your box.

A WeeBox often contains:

  • An exclusive Scottish treat to eat or drink
  • A unique piece of jewellery that reminds you of Scotland
  • A tell-tale card
  • One item which is ONLY available in Scotland and nowhere else in the world.

You may also add a personalized note if you send the WeeBox to a friend.

How Much Does The WeeBox Cost?

The WeeBox has items worth £50 in one box but costs only £35!

Here’s the full pricing breakdown:

  • 1 month – £35
  • 3 months – £35 each
  • 6 months – £32.50 each
  • 12 months – £29.50 each

How It Works

To subscribe, you just need to head on over to the website and click subscribe.

If you want the May WeeBox, you can go on the company’s website and subscribe to it before May 1. Shipped in the first week of every month, your WeeBox will reach you in 15-20 working days, and it will have everything a true Scot deserves!

What We Like

Each WeeBox has a specific theme relevant to Scotland, which we love! Previous themes included Outlander, Edinburgh, and Iconic Scotland.

WeeBox also gives back to their local community by taking part in donations and fundraising. Products used in the subscription boxes help support small, Scottish businesses too.

In case you want some of the goodies for free, you can also share your WeeBox pictures on social media and get a chance to win a free box!

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  • Scottish Subscription Box
  • From £35

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  • Scottish Subscription Box
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