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I expected the tasty snacks. I expected to find things I’d never seen before. But I don’t think I was quite ready for *this many* tasty new things!

Vegan tuck box - box

I should start by saying I’m not a vegan. But long past my new year’s resolutions, my desire to eat more healthily and to cut dairy out of my diet has lived on. I got the vegan tuck box mostly out of curiosity, wanting to understand more about the possible snack foods that were out there for vegans.

Inside the box:

Vegan tuck box - all contents

  • Clearspring Organic Miso Soup on the go, RRP £1.29
  • Clearly Scrumptious Simply Strawberries, £0.99
  • Buccaneer Candy Bar, RRP £1.99
  • Nutri Snax, Ginger Rocks 30g, RRP £0.89
  • Zotter Mitzi Blue Rice in Paradise, Rice White & Rice Dark with cape gooseberries, RRP £2.49
  • Biona Organic Tutti Frutti gums, 75g, RRP £1.80
  • Traidcraft Fairtrade Fruit, Chocolate and Nut cookies, RRP £1.85
  • LoveChock 100% raw mulberry/vanilla chocolate, RRP £2.99
  • Ten Acre crisps, the Story of When the Cheese met the Onion, RRP £0.69
  • Moo Free Original Organic chocolate drops, RRP 0.99

To pick some out of the crowd:

The LoveChock Mulberry/Vanilla 100% raw chocolate was by far my favourite discovery of the whole box and 5 more sit in my fridge as I type this (I couldn’t buy more fast enough). It’s immediately appealing with it’s funky packaging (patterned inside), crunchy mulberry pieces and being sweetened with coconut nectar instead of the usually highly processed agave found in a lot of vegan products. Delicious and as kind to the system as chocolate can be.

I took the Clearspring Organic Miso Soup on the go and boiled a kettle at a friend’s house. It was incredibly easy to ‘make’, only requiring a mug and boiling water. Although I like my miso a bit saltier than this, the convenience factor is huge and will certainly have me buying this again.

I’d never heard of the Buccaneer Candy Bar but it’s chewiness and nougat won me over pretty quickly! Similarly, the already familiar Traidcraft Fairtrade cookies are never a miss and I was told the Ten Acre crisps were ‘super tasty’ (cheese and onion isn’t my flavour so I had to outsource this portion of the review :)).

I personally confirmed that vegan chocolate isn’t for me – my personal preference is either super dark raw chocolate or the non-vegan chocolate my tastebuds recognise. Having said this the Moo Free products have really excellent reviews from vegans across the world.

Ten-acre-crisps Traidcraft-cookies Biona-gums Moo-Free Lovechock Nutri-Snax Zotter-chocolate Clearly-Scrumptious-strawberries Bucanneer bar Clearspring-miso

The variety in the box as a whole is really quite impressive and it’s the ideal way to discover new vegan snacks or brands you may never have heard of. It’s £20 a month but the snacks arrive monthly and the box really does feel *heavy* when you get it! A few of these products are quite hard to source and some of them are impossible to find without quite high postage costs, so this also needs to be taken into account in the value. There’s truly something here for everyone and all products were high quality.

Vegan Tuck Box contains a surprise selection of 10 vegan snack and treat foods hand-picked by two lovely vegans and delivered straight to your door. Each box will contain 10 new or hard to find vegan snacks so that you can be the first to try new products on the market. The products in the box change each month.
They also provide special boxes for every occasion such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s day.


Details of shipping: Free postage and packaging
Price per box: £20 / month

How many products in each box: 10

None at the moment.

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Vegan Tuck Box


Vegan Tuck Box