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TruBrain is a cognitive enhancer that increases focus, attention, mental acuity, complex reasoning, productivity, and overall performance. And now it’s available in both traditional capsule form or “Think Drink” pouches.

Designed by top neuroscientists who’ve studied cognitive optimization for decades, truBrain’s aim is to provide us with improved focus, attention, learning, memory and ability to process information without the crash or negative side effects.

This is the next evolution beyond energy drinks and caffeine alone. Not only does it give you extra energy, but gives the ability to use that energy better.

TruBrain is the next frontier in accessing productive focus. Made for anyone looking for a competitive edge and increase focus and energy.

Anything that makes you more productive is something to can get behind.

We are all looking for that extra boost, especially in the morning, now that search is over. TruBrain offers the focus and cognitive boost that you need to stay productive throughout the day without the jittery caffeine twitch we all feel so often.

With a blend of proven brain-enhancing ingredients, you can rest assured that you are taking a safe, proven product that will help increase brain function and have you thinking on a genius type level (almost).


  • Available in both Think Drink pouches and Capsule form
  • Increases Focus, Attention, and Productivity
  • Promotes long term Brain Health
  • Increasing oxygen flow to the brain and boosting neural plasticity
  • Better safety profile than salt (aka completely safe)
  • Address the fundamental components of brain chemistry
  • Gives a competitive edge of focused cognitive performance
  • Works in congruence with and enhances the benefit of caffeine, while reducing over reliance
  • None of our ingredients have any record of building tolerance nor dependence
  • The product works to the contrary, in which the longer you take it, the more noticeable the benefits will become

TruBrain demonstrates efficacy with quantitative data – it is in their DNA and what drives their Neuroscience team. They test the impact of truBrain on productivity versus energy drinks and just plain coffee. Their most recent stop on this quest was to NYC, where they tested truBrain with 25 financial traders, which was covered in Bloomberg.

“While many of you may be skeptical of the pill and it’s ingredients that sound extremely foreign, in studies it’s been proven that truBrain is actually safer than salt, vitamin D, aspirin, caffeine, and cola.” – Markets Media

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  • Trial pack: $50 USD
  • Monthly plan: $125 USD per month
  • Quarterly plan: $112 USD per month
  • Annual plan: $85 USD per month

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