Top Collar 2015 review

Top Collar 2015 review

20150314_121819There are two main reasons I LOVE signing up to subscription boxes; they make a great treat to yourself or the perfect gift for loved ones and friends. But now, I have a third reason for loving them – there’s a box out there that caters for your pampered pooch too!

When I heard about Top Collar, I don’t know who was more excited, me or my Staffie Vince. The service delivers a bag of delicious, freshly home-baked and all-natural doggy treats direct to your door on a fortnightly basis for the same fixed price of £4.49.

Ingredients are sourced locally in Yorkshire, where the box’s creator, Sophie Tregellis, is based. It’s then cooked up on the day of purchase before being shipped out to your pup.

There are two types of boxes to choose from – the Discovery Box, in which you will receive a bag of treats selected from Top Collar’s extensive menu, or the Nutrition Box, with healthy snacks guaranteed to be low in fat.

20150314_121603There are eight recipes on offer that would make even human mouths water, such as Steak and Chips made from lean steak, Full English crammed with meat from Yorkshire butchers and Sunday Roast featuring carrots, parsnips, potato and chicken – yummy!

The box also includes a nutrition card, so you know exactly what’s gone into your dog’s treats and the amount of fat, protein and fibre that’s in them. And the cutest thing of all? You can personalise the box so that it’s addressed to your pup and even features their photo.

Vince couldn’t believe his luck when the letterbox rattled and it was a package addressed to him (Top Collar’s boxes have been specially designed to fit through the letterbox).

20150314_122215We opened up the treats and his tail didn’t stop wagging until I’d pulled a heart-shaped biscuit from its re-sealable bag and he had it between his teeth. Now, I have a picky mutt and there have been homemade treats I’ve bought him before from market stalls that he’s turned his little wet nose up at, but this one vanished before I’d even closed the bag up.

To be honest, I was tempted to try one myself. These weren’t garish coloured rubbery chews, instead they looked like savory shortbread biscuits and I knew exactly what had gone into them.

20150314_122037Top Collar is a lovely idea and Sophie’s website is also careful to explain the importance of not over indulging your dog, giving advice on how to check their weight and encouraging owners to think about the nutritional value of what they feed their pooches.

After all, we’re always reading labels on what we eat, but what about educating ourselves in what goes into our four-legged friend’s food?

Well, these treats are a happy medium, not only was I treating Vince to something yummy, I knew it wasn’t bad for him either – a guilt free treat, who’d have thought? :)

20140917_150031Exclusive offer: Use code ALLBOXES to get your first box FREE!

Top Collar is a new subscription service for dogs, which sends out freshly baked dog treats every fortnight made with whole ingredients. There are 8 different flavours but you can personalise the selection for your dog if they have any dislikes etc.
The boxes are personalised either with your dog(s)’ name or photo. The box is small enough to fit through most letterboxes, which is good for the busy owner who might not be in. But it is probably a good thing there is a safety gate between my porch area and the dogs as my 3 poochies were very interested in the box before I even opened it. So it must smell very good to them!

20140917_150107Upon opening the box we found they had been sent the salmon and eggs flavour to try. A good move as they love eggs and fish and they were very eager to try them, crowding round as I opened the bag. All the packaging is nicely put together and these do feel like proper luxury treats for the dogs.

As they say though the proof of the pudding is in the eating and on that test, these treats succeed extremely well. My dogs took the treats without any hesitation and all 3 were licking their lips and looking for more. They don’t have any dislikes and aren’t particularly faddy but one of 20140917_150122them can be cautious about new treats but even he adored these from the moment I handed the first treat to him.

The cost per bag is £4.49 for a 150g bag, which is on the higher side of price for dog treats but not much higher than some luxury brands you see in pet shops. I love the fact that they are freshly made with all natural ingredients, that you get a variety of flavours which can be tailored to your dog’s individual tastes and that the whole service seems very personal. They loved the taste and the treats were a huge hit with all 3. We have decided to continue with our subscription much to their approval!
Now to find a photo to put on the next package for them…

 PicMonkey Collage

Exclusive offer: Use code ALLBOXES to get your first box FREE!

DSC_3539Top Collar is a regular treat package where owners join ‘The Pack’ and enjoy fortnightly boxes through the post which you pay for per box! We send them fresh out the oven from our kitchen straight to you, as they contain no preservatives or salts.

To make your membership even more custom made you can personalise your boxes! Firstly by rating our recipes to receive treats your doggy likes best. Secondly we address the box to its rightful owners, so encourage owners to send in a photo, or name of their pooch which we add to the front of each delivery.


Pack members enjoy eight scrumptious recipes such as our Salmon & Egg, Sunday Roast, and Full English all containing the highest quality ingredients sourced from Yorkshire butchers and fishmongers.

Dog appétit!


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£4.49 fortnightly (Receive a box on the 12th & 28th of each month)

First box priced at £2.99 – No contract and you can cancel at any time

Use code ALLBOXES to get your first box FREE!

Top Collar believe in their treats, so they want you to have a trial box when registering to see for yourself! You can opt out any time, though most pooches stay of course!

Use code ALLBOXES to get your first box FREE!

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