TokyoTreat – July 2020

TokyoTreat – July 2020

TokyoTreat is a monthly box of Japanese candies and snacks from Tokyo. It is part of the TokyoTreat subscription box group which also includes YumeTwins and nomakenolife.

Options are are Premium  at $35 (around £26) per month: 9 popular Japanese  snacks, 3 dagashi, 1 anime snack, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack, 1 Japanese drink.

Classic $25 (around £18) per month: 9 popular Japanese snacks, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinose snack.

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Summer is kicking in properly now, so this is a great theme for July, Midsummer Munchies!

What a great selection for enjoying at home! The menu booklet has a full list of items, plus a description. It also looks like there might be two drinks in this box! I’m definitely intrigued.

First, the official drink, Kagome Okinawan Citrus Mix Drink. This is a tropical juice box, and the flavours conjure the tropical island of Okinawa. It also contains juice from the Shikuwasa Citrus, which is native to that island.

Japanese KitKats always come in fantastic flavours, and this KitKat Citrus Mint is no exception. This limited edition exclusive variety has the combined lemon and mint flvours, and the chocolate contains tiny crunchy pieces of crepe for a special texture.

Four little mini dagashi here, a Rilakkima Green Apple Gummy, Minty Animal (pig or panda) which contains tiny mini mints, a Gummy Kiss, and a Festival Sign Choco, which also includes a sticker!

Umaibo, which is a crunchy puffed corn tube, especially popular as a childhood snack, appears in every TokyoTreat. There are lots of different flavours,  and this version is Lemon flavoured.

On the left is a Squid Cracker, a super cute reminder of the beach, and on the right is Marukawa Orange Gum, for a refreshing summery taste.


Doritos are popular in Japan and come in many different flavours. These are Nacho Cheese, one of three possible flavours in the box including Mild Salt and Soy Sauce Wasabi.

This is the other drink, though it doubles as the DIY candy. It’s DIY Bubble Tea Matcha Milk. 

Instructions are included in the booklet, but it means you can try yummy bubble tea in the comfort of your home!

Another familiar brand with a Japanese twist, Baskin Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate. This is a chocolate bar based in the most popular ice cream flavour in Japan, and combines creamy chocolate with popping candy.

Corn Potage Bites are little crunchy puffs in corn potage flavour, which is a popular Japanese dish of creamy corn chowder.

Another salty snack, Salty Popcorn, in the perfect size for on the go!

Poricky Corn is another corn potage flavoured snack, this time little pretzel sticks.

Here is a little Strawberry Daifuku, which is a squishy mochi filled with strawberry paste.

Finally, a Mystery Snack! These are Turtle Crackers, which don’t have anything to do with turtles, but are a crunchy salty little potato snack. They appeared in a box earlier this year.

Our score: 9.0/ 10

This is a really fun box of goodies! I really like that there are several crunchy savory snacks, and the tiny dagashi gummies are also really cute and fun. I do wish that the Doritos has been the soy and wasabi version, as that's much more Japanese the cheese or salt, which you can find most places. But that's the only slightly less good items, otherwise it's always fantastic to be able to try a new Japanese KitKat flavour, so I love it when one is included in the TokyoTreat box. Apart from that, I especially love the bubble tea, as it can be hard to find outside big cities, and it's such an unusual and fun texture! So this is a great way to try it out if you haven't before, or at least get your fix while you can't travel!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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