Tokyo Snack Box Umaibo Japanese Snacks Umaibox Gift from Japan

Tokyo Snack Box

  • Japanese Snacks
  • From £20

Tokyo Snack Box is offering several assortments of the best Japanese candies and snacks, delivered to your door directly from Tokyo.

Tokyo Snack Box Japanese Subscription Box of Japanese Snacks Gift from Japan

This startup was founded at the heart of Japan, by a French expatriate, whose mission is to be your guide for that culinary experience in the land of the rising sun.

In each box, on top of your Tokyo treat, there is a sheet of instructions, written in English (or French if you wish), that describes all the products and their ingredients. Customers that have a special diet, whether it is caused by allergies or personal choices, will particularly appreciate that gesture.

Perfect present for a fan of Japan, it is possible to gift the Tokyo Snack Box and have them include a customized written message (in any language) at no additional cost.

Additional incentive: Tokyo Snack Box is donating a meal on your behalf to the United Nations’ World Food Program for every box they ship.

Monthly Tokyo Snack Box (From £25.90)

Tokyo Snack Box Monthly Subscription Box of Japanese Snacks Gift from Japan

Every month, Tokyo Snack Box prepares a new assortment of sweet and salty Japanese snacks, that will make you discover the authentic tastes one could find in Japan.

As a box made to be shared with your friends or family, it becomes quite entertaining to test each other to guess the different tastes of Japanese snacks, often surprising.

What’s inside the monthly Japanese snack box changes every month and includes not only traditional snacks (all-time best sellers), but also new ones that are more seasonal.

On top of the snacks, the monthly box comes with a small Japanese gift, that is also changing every month.

£25.90 will get you a monthly box that includes 25 snacks, and you can enjoy a special discount if you opt for a 3-month or 6-month subscription.

Kit Kat Box (From £25)

Tokyo Snack Box Japanese KitKat Assortment Japanese Snacks Gift from Japan

Are you more into the Cheese cake or the Japanese sake KitKat ?
Or you might be more interested in the matcha one, that typical Japanese tea ?

With the Tokyo Snack Box KitKat, you won’t need to choose as you will receive a voluminous selection of different KitKat, that renews based on the season (for example: KitKat tasting like Sakura cherry during spring and pumpkin for Halloween)

For £25, you will receive 26 KitKat of 14 different tastes. But with the premium selection, at £30, you unlock 6 additional tastes, including the ones made with various Japanese alcohols.

UmaiBox (£17)

Tokyo Snack Box Umaibo Japanese Snacks Umaibox Gift from Japan

While it is still fairly unknown in Europe, Umaibo is THE most famous Japanese snack. A normal Japanese person has probably eaten hundreds of those since their childhood. The success of this salty (sometimes sweet) Japanese stick comes from its capacity to reproduce most of the tastes one could find in traditional Japanese cuisine, while being super light and easy to snack.

Whether you are already a fan of it, or you are interested in discovering tastes like the Teriyaki sauce, the Takoyaki or even the simpler corn pottage (#1 best-seller in Japan), this box is for you.

For £17, you are getting 32 Umaibo sticks of 16 different tastes (2 of each), which makes it perfect to share with your friends or family.

Conbini Box (34,90€)

The Conbini Box, a 1kg box full of premium snacks and pastries from the conbini (Seven Eleven), perfect for the Japanese convenience stores lovers.

The assortment is a mix of sweet and savory, that includes flavors like chocolate, matcha, or even delicious rice crackers.

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Tokyo Snack Box Umaibo Japanese Snacks Umaibox Gift from Japan

Tokyo Snack Box

  • Japanese Snacks
  • From £20

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Tokyo Snack Box

  • Japanese Snacks
  • From £20