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Every month we sift through a hoard of geeky gear, great gifts and terrific toys, including the very addictive Pop Culture vinyls – and pack as many items as we possibly can into your Thingamabox© as well as your limited edition Tee ( up to 10 items ), to ensure you have a bunch of cool new and useful stuff to play with until the next awesome box turns up at your doorstep!

We are geeks ourselves, which is why we are fresh and full of ideas.


We pride ourselves on the contents we include.

Say goodbye to those subscription boxes that fill your eagerly anticipated box with tat.
Tees come in mens, womens and children’s sizes.

On board our staff at the HQ we have several amazing designers, which means you guys really do get some unique items that only you subscribers get to own. Tees, Posters, Badges, Stickers and more.

We fine tune the products you receive to suit your tastes and needs! When we say “personalised” we mean it.
For example, we supply you with designer branded cases for your specific smartphone and/or tablets and where possible – they reflect the person that you are and interests that you have. That’s the level of detail we go to, as we aim to ensure that our subscribers are the happiest geeks out there.

You also get a limited edition tee included each month, designed professionally by Thingamabox©.

You get all of this from £24.99 with Free Delivery (Thingamabox claim the RRP of contents exceeds £65.00, often more).

If you want to try us out, then please head over to our site and subscribe or buy a single box to try us out.

We’ll ask a few questions, to get to know you a little better:
–       Smartphone make and model
–       Tablet/device make and model
–       Geeky Interests and Hobbies
–       Favourite colours
–       Tee Size

We create a different theme each month and also have special edition boxes for certain movies or holidays.

Thingamabox© are passionate, fresh, competitive and already proving highly popular.
We look forward to beaming you on board.

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£24.99 per month, including free delivery.

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  • Geek
  • From £26.99



  • Geek
  • From £26.99