The Spicery

  • Recipe kit
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Are you a fan of cooking, but you don’t have the right spices in your cupboard? Or are you a novice cook who’s in the mood to fix something simple and easy for dinner?

Then The Spicery is for you!

Gather the ingredients mentioned in the recipe card and follow the instructions. With the freshest ground herbs and spices delivered to your doorstep, cooking couldn’t get any easier- and more flavorful!

Transform your plain, humble dishes into extraordinary delights that friends and family won’t stop talking about.

What’s In The Box?

Each colourful box contains a recipe and small pouches of freshly ground spices and herbs. However, the subscription box from The Spicery doesn’t just offer you the spice mix for the main dish. It’s a kit to help you prepare the whole meal.

So, you’ll find some information about its origin and a list of required ingredients. You may also receive additional spices to prepare the suggested sides or a free sample.

There are various spice box subscriptions to choose from, including Friday Night Curry, Meat-free Magic, Date Night, World Kitchen Explorer, Indian Restaurant Favourites, and much more. Even though you select a theme, you can’t exactly choose what spice box you want. You’ll receive different spices each month.

Pricing and Periodicity

Choose the length of your subscription (3, 6, or 12 months) and then pay monthly. The price varies depending upon the theme and subscription period you choose.

However, you must pay by the 19th of every month. You can skip, swap, or cancel at any time. Moreover, since subscriptions will arrive in letter-box sized boxes, you don’t need to be home to receive them.

Why Do We Like This Box?

Not all spices are the same. Dishes aren’t as aromatic or flavourful if the best quality, freshest spices aren’t used. Often the ones in your kitchen become stale while sitting for weeks on the shelf, losing some of its original flavours.

The Spicery provides the best and freshest spices month after month. With every exciting recipe, you can experiment with new flavours and learn how to prepare exotic dishes.

Plus, packaged in individual ready-to-use portions means there’s no hassle or any fuss. Cooking is so simple you won’t believe you’ve just made that spectacular feast all by yourself.

Moreover, now you can share this culinary success with friends and family. The Spicery allows you to buy gift subscriptions so they can prepare delicious meals with the least effort.

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The Spicery

  • Recipe kit
  • From £26

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The Spicery

  • Recipe kit
  • From £26