Taste Japan – January 2016

I was really pleased to be able to try out the January 2015 box from Taste of Japan. It took just over a week to arrive. To say it was coming from Japan, I think that was completely reasonable.

There were 10 items that came in the box to try. They were a mixture of sweet and savoury and we were excited to try them out.

The thing that I couldn’t wait to try out first was the Puccho bar. They are melon flavoured gummies and they were really tasty. If I was to compare it to anything in the UK, then I would compare them to Chewits. It was unusual to try something that was melon flavoured but they were really good.


Chip Star

This was quite strange. It was a sweet potato flavoured crisp, shaped and in a tube like Pringles. I just couldn’t get over that it was purple. It tasted fine but wasn’t my favourite.


Ousama no Waseremono

This is a cookie, filled with a chocolate filling. It was a buttery cookie and was very tasty. It was quite small though – over in two bites.


Cream Soda Candy

Having been on holiday to Asia before, I know that cream soda is a big taste out there. Luckily I love it and these hard boiled sweets were one of my favourite things in the box. A generous sized bag with plenty in to try.


Gilco Hearts

This has two sections; one has a toy in and one is the treat. The parent in me is pleased with the toy and it was a little wooden puzzle. Much better than plastic that you get from something like a Kinder egg. My kids liked the little heart shaped treats too. They were almost like a toffee but a lot softer so suitable for children.


Pucho Kabukiage

These are Japanese rice crackers with a soy sauce blend. These didn’t go down very well in our house – we didn’t like them very much. Kind of like very hard popcorn.



These were tasty but quite unusual. They are cereal essentially, but covered in chocolate. The kids really liked these and it was a good sized bag.


Tamanegi San

These are just like slightly flavoured onion rings, but not in ring shape obviously! They tasted good and were in a good sized bag. They would work well to throw in a lunch box.



There were two Pandaro cookies in the box. One was melon flavoured and one was original. It was quite an unusual taste but I actually preferred the melon flavour cookie. You just don’t expect something with the texture of a cookie to taste like fruit. They were quite small but cute as they are shaped like a panda’s head.

Overall I was pleased with the contents box. It was quite small and I think for the price, I would expect a little bit more. It was fun for the family to try out a few new things, though. I think it would make a great gift idea as it is just a novelty really. I think for £15 it isn’t completely worth it and I’m not sure if I would order again.

Rebecca U from AAUBlog.

Our score: 8.9/ 10

I was pleased with the selection of products but just not convinced it is value for money.

  • Quality of products7.5
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money7.5
  • Selection of products9.5

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Taste Japan

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Taste Japan

  • Japanese treats
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