Your Sommelier – April 2018 Discover French Wine

Your Sommelier – April 2018 Discover French Wine

Your Sommelier is a monthly wine subscription box.

Every month you will receive 3 bottles of French wine selected by our Sommeliers with matching tasting cards including food pairing, information about wine, regions and appellations. You’ll also get our welcome binder to regroup all of your cards.

There are two options:

Discovery Box – A perfect introduction. Discover and learn. £36/Month

Expert Box – The finest French wines for Connoisseurs. £60/Month.

The wines arrive beautifully packaged up! There’s also an outer cardboard box, so it would be hard work to cause any damage.

There are three bottles inside, two reds and a white, plus information cards about each wine. This month there’s a new addition!

Recipe cards! A recipe designed to go with each bottle of wine.

Anyway, on to the wines.

Bourgueil ‘Tuffeaux’ 2015

This was the first of the reds. It’s 100% Cabernet Franc, and I absolutely loved it. It was remarkably fruity and rich without being overpowering. Very easy to drink indeed. The recipe pairing was Baked Camembert, and while I didn’t try that this time (we don’t have much cheese around because my daughter hates it and my husband can’t have dairy!) I think it would be delicious.

Domaine de Bagnoles 2015 

(Sorry the picture’s so blurred, I didn’t actually realise it at the time! Blame the wine…)

Anyway, this was another delicious fruity red. Much like the other it smelled wonderful and was very easy to drink! Recipe suggestion was lasagne, but I actually had it with bolognese, which is close enough! Anyway, it was lovely, not dry and tannic at all, but lots of fruit without actually being sweet.

Chateau Belingard Blanc Sec 2017

I opened this just as the weather was starting to get warmer. And wow, was it good! The colour was relatively pale, but the flavour was both fruity and floral and remarkably complex. This is 65% Sauvignon, which is what I usually drink, but the 30% Semillon and 5% Muscadelle really elevated it so something much more interesting.Delicious!

Well, this is another extremely enjoyable box of wines!

I was glad the weather was cold, because I’m less keen on red wine in hot weather. However neither of the reds were at all heavy, so I think I could have managed even if Spring had arrived!

Your Sommelier has always done really well with fruity wines, which are definitely my preference. It’s also a pleasure to try new wines, rather than the usual suspects from the supermarket. Even though I’m not that fussy when it comes to wine, it’s so wonderful to be able to properly taste wine that I haven’t had before.

I also love the information cards. It’s nice to know a bit about what you’re drinking, and I think the new inclusion of recipe cards is fantastic! They have always suggested food pairings, but including actual recipes means you can make a bit more of an event of it.

Prices on each bottle are generally a little over £10 per bottle, though that’s usually with a case discount. Singly they would be more, and of course, even the places that offer shipping are charging serious extras. I think the price is great value for three good bottles that you’re certainly not going to find in your local supermarket, plus a whole lot of extra information. The wine also tends to come from small producers, so you’d have to head across the Channel to find it again.

This is a lovely way of trying new wine, learning a little, and now, even improving your cooking skills! If you’re feeling generous it would make a nice gift, or perhaps just to have a little wine tasting party!


Our score: 9.2/ 10

An interesting and delicious selection of wines this month! Share with friends, or enjoy it all for yourself. Cheers!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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