We’ll keep it brief.

We wanted to create a smarter, sharper, simpler way to shave. In short, a modern shave. So we cut out all the fuss. We threw out the old barber’s chair, the whisker twiddling, plus the cost and the hassle of shopping instore.

We got rid of the fluff, but kept the quality of a real shave. We just deliver the kit you need, every month. So you can enjoy the perfect shave, every day.

Our razors are a cut above.

All are designed with open–back architecture, for easy cleaning. Precision-built in the EU from carbon steel they deliver a seamless, smooth shave every time.

The faces behind the shave.

Again we kept it simple – we’re both called Tom. We formed Shavekit in 2013, in London.

That’s it ‘about us’. We are committed to delivering the best shave, a more convenient experience, with honest, open customer service and flexible delivery options.

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Three blade subscription: £8.95 per month

Five blade subscription: £8.95 per month

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