Seed Pantry – Grow Club: September 2018

Seed Pantry – Grow Club: September 2018

One of the hobbies that I want to develop further at the moment is gardening, as I’m really keen to start growing my own fruit and veg, so when I found out about Seed Pantry‘s Grow Club Discovery Boxes, I knew I had to try them!

Seed Pantry a specialist food and flowers subscription box that’s aimed at gardeners of all levels, so whether you’re experienced and already have an allotment or you’re a complete newbie and have never grown or planted anything in your life, Seed Pantry can help you on your gardening journey.

As a subscriber to their Grow Club, you’ll receive a box of seeds, bulbs and/or plants which you can choose yourself from a variety of options available on their website (these choices change every month so that it’s in keeping with the seasons).

The box arrives with detailed information about the plants and flowers that you have chosen, plus there are gardening tips and planting advice for those who need it (like me). I thought the information cards were nicely laid out and the instructions are simple and to the point – I’m very excited to get started!

As the boxes are themed around the seasons, all of the products that you receive can be planted in the same month and there’s advice for growing indoors and outdoors, depending on what space you have available at home. I was also pleased to see that they came packaged in recyclable bags that are made from 75% vegetable starch.

For this month’s Seed Pantry box, I chose the following:-

Flower – Allium Azureum Caeruleum (10 bulbs)

Alliums are great flowers for bees so I decided to order some of the different varieties that Seed Pantry had to offer on their website. Allium Azureum has pastel light blue star-shaped flowers that grow on tall stems. You can plant these in groups as decorative borders in your garden or in containers outside for a pretty display.

Flower – Allium Nigrum (8 bulbs)

Allium Nigrum has large white rounded heads with delicate petals and I thought these would contrast nicely with the blue ones above. Again, these can be planted outdoors in borders or placed into containers.

Flower – Allium Hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ (8 bulbs)

The third variety of Allium that I went for is called Purple Sensation and I can’t wait to see these in full bloom! Purple is my favourite colour and these have a really bright and vivid head that just looks stunning.

Flower – Narcissus ‘Jonquilla Sailboat’ (6 bulbs)

Otherwise known as a variety of the popular Daffodil, these feature a subtle pale lemon cup and have a delicate fragrance. Perfect for planting now to flower in early Spring, these will look lovely in any flower garden.

Food – Spinach ‘Giant Winter & Corn Salad / Lamb’s Lettuce

From the food options, I chose the Spinach which is called Giant Winter. This is an heirloom variety that’s a very hardy crop and can be grown outdoors or in containers/greenhouses. I also decided to go for the Lamb’s Lettuce which is another good crop to grow throughout the Winter and is packed with nutrients thanks to their dark green leaves.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

I'm very excited to start growing these flowers and can't wait to see what the Spinach and Lamb's Lettuce turns out like! These boxes are brilliant for beginners to gardening and are also great value for money.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products8

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Seed Pantry

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Seed Pantry

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