Secret Scent Box March 2018 – A gift for the senses

Secret Scent Box March 2018 – A gift for the senses

This is the second Secret Scent Box that I’ve received and I’ve been really impressed with the different fragrances on offer. I think I was particularly lucky as this month there was something I liked about each perfume in the box.

What’s in the box?

Secret Scent Box is pretty petite, and each box contains 3 x 3ml perfume. The March box contained:

  • An introductory card on each perfume
  • Burberry – Brit
  • Stella McCartney – Peony
  • DKNY – Be Delicious Night


I wouldn’t usually think about trying a Burberry perfume so I was quite pleased to receive this one. What I really like about Secret Scent Box is the cards on each perfume. I know from previous perfume favourites that pear, freesia, blackberry, peony and vanilla are the notes that I really like so I was quite excited to see so many in this fragrance. It’s a bit heavier than I usually wear but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a perfume I wouldn’t have considered.

Stella McCartney

I was a huge fan of Stella McCartney’s first fragrance but I haven’t really revisited it so it was great to see this new version. I am sure you can guess that I was pleased to see peony (and freesia) being so prominent. I hadn’t heard of this perfume so it was great to discover it and I have really enjoyed wearing it. I’m definitely going to seek this one out once my supply runs out!


I have tried a couple of the Delicious fragrances and I do quite like them but they don’t seem to sit right all the time. I think this is the case with this one too. It is a bit heavier than I usually wear and despite having blackberry notes, I find the base and middle notes a bit too strong. What I do like is the fact that you get such handbag-friendly sample sizes and can always find a use for them. I may not wear this one every day, or indeed on my dispairingly rare nights out, but I do think I will probably revisit it later in the year.

The March edition introduced me to three new fragrances and each one is still going strong, which is fantastic value. If you are in a bit of a perfume rut or are looking for a little monthly treat to expand your perfume reportoire then Secret Scent Box is definitely worth a try.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

I would have scored this box higher, however there was a slight issue with one of the perfumes. The bottle of the DKNY fragrance woiuldn't fully spray and will probably require me to 'fix' (break) it to get the perfume out. Therefore instead of getting 9ml of perfume I only really have about 7ml. Its not a major issue as it is the perfume I like the least and one that I would be more likely to wear in the colder months, however I can't give a hihger score for quality or packaging because of that. I am aware that mine was probably a one off and everyone else probably got a defect-free one, but I have to reflect the score honestly because of that.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Secret Scent Box

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Secret Scent Box

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