Project-B Review

Project-B Review

photo I loved the excitement of receiving the box in the post. I received box 7, the last box for when the baby has just arrived, to review.

All the products were excellent!

Some I already knew but others I didn’t. You can tell there is a concern to deliver high quality products, with a preference for organic and natural ingredients/ components, to pamper you and your baby.

I particularly liked the Water Wipes because they leave your baby’s nappy area perfectly clean without causing irritation, which is great for their sensitive skin.

The Organic Babies Nappy Cream comes in a good size to take with you in your changing bag, when baby does get irritated skin (in our case that was only when she started teething, because it never happened before thanks to the Water Wipes!).

I think it’s also good that they send you a reusable nappy in case you were wondering if you should give them a try, but to me personally I feel I can’t be bothered…

photo5 photo3 photo6

Finally I really enjoyed the fact that I received something for myself as well, as we often forget that it can’t be all about the baby but (just a little bit) about the mum too!



Project-B Feature imageProject-B is a subscription gift service for pregnant women. You sign up to receive a beautiful monthly box, delivered to your door, designed to help you on your pregnancy journey. Each box aims to guide you through each month with nurturing products, expert information and helpful tips. Each box nestles approximately five products, from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household items, to pampering, as well as expert advice on your pregnancy month, a recipe to make, an exercise to try out and details on what to think about buying.

Box 1 starts from 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are then a further six boxes which take you through to a 10th box once your baby has arrived. The months and weeks are broken down as:

  • Box 1 – Month 4 or 12-15 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 2 – Month 5 or 16-19 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 3 – Month 6 or 20-24 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 4 – Month 7 or 25-29 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 5 – Month 8 or 30-34 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 6 – Month 9 or 35-39 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 7 – Baby’s arrived/Congratulations Box

Monthly subscription: £14 per month which follows you through your pregnancy, including a ‘Project Complete’ box once your baby has arrived.

Look out for an exclusive ALLBOXES deal coming in September 2014!

Look out for an exclusive ALLBOXES deal coming in September 2014!

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