PawPost July 2014

PawPost July 2014


PawPost is a monthly delivery service of products and presents for cats and dogs. Each month, our customers will receive a box of 5 to 7 carefully selected items, including new and exciting treats, toys, health and hygiene products, and accessories. PawPost boxes provide hours of fun with the latest ‘must have’ items, whilst assisting owners with the maintenance of their pets’ health and happiness. What’s more, a share of their profits goes to cats and dogs in need!

The team at PawPost are all animal lovers, and PawPost has its very own four-legged team working behind the scenes, testing all the items we include in our boxes: organic and holistic treats, eco-friendly toys and accessories of the highest quality, and natural health and hygiene products. Furthermore, PawPost is devoted to supporting smaller, independent businesses which provide us with those purrrfect presents for our cats and dogs.

By Beth Barham

14doginboxFrom the beginning, I was very impressed by this box. From the size and weight of the package, you really feel you’re getting your money’s worth!

Biscuit was also impressed with this one – as soon as the lid was opened, he was desperate to get inside and get hold of something that was in there.

The big attraction in this box was a piece of stag antler – apparently a very popular treat for dogs. The ‘Stagbar’ is made from naturally-shed deer antler, and it was certainly one of Biscuit’s favourite treats ever.


14toyThe next thing to catch my eye was a ‘Sprong’ toy. This is totally awesome! About the same size as a large Kong, it’s solid enough to be a rugged toy for my destructive lurcher, but still soft (it’s covered in a velvet coating) and squishy enough to be kind to his teeth. It even squeaks! Well, to be fair, it *did* squeak, for about a week. Like I said, a destructive lurcher. He still loves it though, and I’ll probably buy more of these for him in the future.

Also included were two large bags of natural dog treats by ‘Soopa’ – in this case, dried papaya strips and coconut flesh. These didn’t go down that well with the dog (he’s not generally a fan of ‘sweet’), but I was very impressed by the quality.


It’s not just about treats with PawPost – the next item was a really nice-smelling ‘bottle’ of rhubarb & custard dog shampoo. This will last us a very long time, as Biscuit doesn’t tend to get washed that often – not many dogs I know are fans of the dreaded ‘bath’…


The owners are not forgotten, either – the last item in the box was a quality  re-usable cotton shopping bag. I use these all the time, and have some in my collection that I bought over twenty years ago, so I know they definitely last. I’ll get a lot of use out of this.

In conclusion, I think this is a really substantial box for pet owners and pets alike, well presented and full of quality products. A definite must-have!

By Lisa-Marie Wilson

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image (9)

What an I say, Misty is spoiled these days with all these lovely cat boxes! Her most recent has been the PawPost box.
Before looking at the box, my husband and I knew instantly it was for Misty as she caught a whiff of the catnip and wouldn’t leave our side until the box was open! I couldn’t smell it myself, but Misty definitely could! The box is a good compact size to fit into letter boxes if you’re not in. Just be careful your cat doesn’t get to it first.

Opening it we found it packed very neatly (not that Misty seemed to care, she was more interested in getting into the goodies!) We found two lovely catnip toys, one a catnip crinkly octopus toy by Kong, a company known for making durable cat and dog toys. The second toy, also filled with catnip by Simons Cat. Both toys went down a storm. Misty’s favourite was the octopus of course. She would grab the legs with her claws and toss it up to catch, then roll around with it. The scent drove her crazy!

image (10)

The second toy had feathers in and was a huge favourite with Misty’s kittens. The only downside is the kittens may have been a little rough with it and the feathers all come out within 20 minutes. Not the most durable toy, however they still play with it without the feathers.

image (14) image (12)

image (13)The other contents in the box were I love Pet Head deshedding shampoo – I have yet to try this as Misty isn’t easy to get into a bath or shower and it is often a two man job when we do get her in. It does smell lovely though.

A large tin of Thrive 100% freeze dried beef treats and good sized Natures Menu treat bag were also in the box too. Both  were very good sizes and Misty seemed to love both. The freeze dried beef didn’t look very appetising,but Misty had no complaints. She can be quite fussy at times with her food too.
In conclusion, Misty and her babies absolutely loved the box, especially the toys. They kept them entertained for a few hours, which kept us happy too as they were able to channel their energy into playing with the toys rather than racing around the room. My only criticism would be that the feathers didn’t stay in the toy. I would have thought it would be more robust as it’s made to be pulled at and chewed by grown cats, and our four kittens destroyed the feathers easily. I think the price of the box may be a little high given the quality, however I know myself that cat toys, especially Kong ones aren’t cheap either. You do get a few good sized products too for your money. Misty loved the box, which to me I’d the main thing. Definitely worth buying to give your cat a little treat now and again :)

1 Month plan: £22.95

3 Month plan: £20.95 per month

6 Month plan: £18.95 per month

1 Year plan: £17.95 per month

All plans include shipping to the UK, but worldwide shipping is also available.

Use code SUB30 at checkout to get 30% off your first order!

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