letterPapirmass (pronounced Pah/Purr/Mass) is a yearly art subscription box, or should I say letter, as it arrives in a large envelope.

It is an affordable art subscription, making contemporary art affordable and easily accessible. Every month they will send you a different piece of art which can vary between large posters, postcards as well as short stories or poems. You can expect to receive 12 prints by 12 artists and 12 writers (but sometimes you do receive more…).

The best part of the art subscription with Papirmass is that it’s only £61 a year which works out at just £5 a month! And this price even includes postage, which is incredible as it is coming from Canada.

IMG_0578Although, Papirmass only offer a yearly subscription which may not suit everyone’s taste. However, the art pieces which you receive are beautiful and unique, and at only £5 a month it is a real bargain. You will receive real art, not like the ‘fake paintings sold at department stores or the same posters college students have’ as they say on their website. Furthermore, Papirmass offer to send posters in a tube so they do not arrive folded, but if you don’t wish to spend any more money, they have explained on their FAQ how to iron out the folds so you can frame the images without them appearing creased.

paper sculpture1I received a sample of previous prints Papirmass has sent out, and as you can see they send a wide variety of art work. Each art piece usually has a written piece on the back of a poem or a story, so if you prefer either piece, you can decide which you would prefer to frame.

From my sample pack there are three pieces which were my favourites, one of which was the untitled (paper fortune teller). This piece brought back memories of school when we would make our own and figure out our future based on colour choices, but this one was an interactive paper sculpture. Thankfully the piece came with step by step instructions (with pictures). I loved how it made you interact with the art so it would transform into what it was supposed to be, only if you created it yourself.

Favourite1  IMG_0596

Fave2I believe art is always what you make it to be, so I can’t comment on the pieces and say what I loved, because you may not feel the same. However, I can say that this subscription box would be an amazing gift, either to yourself or to a loved one and if you no longer wanted the subscription, you can gift it to someone else just by changing the address so that someone else can benefit from the splendour of the art work.

These pieces of art are striking and unique and they help new artists get their work out there, and it introduces you to a new artist or writer who you may not have heard of before for a fraction of the price of an original.

I believe that Papirmass really is THE art subscription to get and you should definitely check it out.

Short Story

Papirmass-prints-flat-2014PAPIRMASS is *the* affordable art subscription. Find out why thousands of people deem us the single best way to decorate your home and meet new artists.

When you subscribe to Papirmass you are signing yourself up for a year of amazing surprises! Each month we send you a print featuring fresh art on one side and contemporary writing on the other. You might get a 10-piece postcard seta small book, a paper sculpture, a large poster, and everything in between. It’s mail made fun, and a great way to decorate your home.
Our website is full of fascinating additional content, from in-depth interviews with our artists and writers to free contests, affordable art tips, and galleries of each of our artist’s work. Yet to be reviewed. For international orders (including those to the UK, as PAPIRMASS is based in the USA): $8.25 per box, but subscriptions are sold by year and are $99 for 12 boxes. Shipping: included in the price of the box(!), with the size of the envelope varying with the size of the print. None at the moment.

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