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Oyatsu example productsOyatsuBox is the Monthly Japanese candy delivery service.

Get the latest Kit-Kats, Hi-Chew, Pocky and other brands as they hit the shelves in Japan.

Each box contains 4-7 products and costs just $25.00 worldwide with no shipping or handling charges. All packages shipped directly from Chiba, Japan.

Oyatsu4For all those adventurous foodies out there with a sweet tooth that dominates over all others, I can predict it won’t be long before the Oyatsu box is finding its way through your front door.

I’m a huge chocolate and sweets lover, plus massive fan of Japanese culture and this box is a fantastic mash-up of both!

The monthly subscription box costs $25 a month (around £15) and is packed full of full size, authentic Japanese candy, chocolate and snacks – both sweet and savoury – for you to treat your taste buds to.

What’s great, though, is that the company who created this box are based in Japan, so they bring subscribers the latest in tasty treats right from the shelves of the local supermarkets, which means you are always up to date with the latest snacks and sweets being sold at that moment half way around the world, even limited edition flavours.

Oyatsu17The number of snacks you receive varies from box to box, but is always between seven and 15 – I got eight in mine and again, let me remind you, these are full size products. If brought separately off the internet these products would average out at around $2.99 each, so you make quite a saving.

Sounds great so far, you say, but seeing everything’s in Japanese, how do you know what you’re eating?

Well, Oyatsu have thought of that too.

Within your box is a printed sheet giving you information on each product, including any background into the history of the product, characters featured on the packaging and flavours, some of which you’ve probably never even heard of.

My box featured, among other things, nori and soy sauce flavoured crisps; green tea flavoured biscuits; peach, grape and lemon flavoured hard candies; chocolate filled pretzel biscuits and a chocolate lolly in the shape of a popular Japanese cartoon character.Oyatsu21

Presentation isn’t something Oyatsu box have put much energy into, but I think you can excuse them for that, and for obvious reasons.

For a start, the box is coming all the way from Japan and needs to get through customs so, practicality overrules prettiness.

The box didn’t feature any sort of packing chips or bubble wrap either, but was so tightly crammed full of food nothing was going to move about. Plus, there isn’t really anything breakable to worry about.

Oyatsu7 Oyatsu10 Oyatsu15

However, I would say that if you have deliveries left in a safe place for you, be aware that there could be chocolate and other food stuffs that could spoil easily – I left my package in the back of the car all day and had to stick it in the fridge when I got home to revive some of the products!

Once the items in my box had perked up I couldn’t wait to start taste testing and excitably opened everything one after the other, just so I could have a try of it all!Oyatsu14 Oyatsu13 Oyatsu12

If you have a little more self-discipline, though, the great thing about this box is that you could drag it out to last the whole month and the arrival of your next box, providing you with a constant supply of Japanese treats without ever having to set foot on a plane!

 Oyatsu16 Oyatsu11

$25.00 per box (shipping worldwide included).

None at this time.

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Oyatsu example products



Oyatsu example products