Outlaw Soaps

CALI-G-450x470You get a bi-monthly box (that means every OTHER month, not twice per month) including the following:

1. A little light reading (including tidbits like outlaw slang, famous outlaws in history, and featured Outlaw Soaps customers)
2. Two, 2oz. bars of our soap
3. A button of the Outlaw of the Month
4. Product samples from makers related to the month’s theme
5. Various other things we might be trying out

It’s a $30+ value for just $20! It’s like a bi-monthly care package you send to yourself! (and it’s educational, if you have kids and/or want to be smarter)

Not only that, you get a personalized coupon code for 10% off everything in the store! You almost can’t afford not to sign up!

Yet to be reviewed.

Buyer pays shipping… we’ll ship wherever mail can be delivered (sorry, Mars service is not yet available)

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Outlaw Soaps


Outlaw Soaps