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I was so excited to receive my Organa Mama box and couldn’t wait to get it open to see all the organic and natural products that were in store for me and my baby. It’s hard these days to find affordable organic products for my family which is why this monthly subscription box is so fantastic and lets me test a range of new products that I may not find or come across on my own.


The box is gorgeous and simple with the logo on the top; straight away I knew I was going to use it as a memory box for my baby, but can be reused for anything such as a sensory box which was suggested in the Organa Mag. As soon as I lifted the box a lavender aroma hit me whilst seeing lots of wonderful products laid nicely on top of dried flowers and grasses. Full marks for presentation – A lovely personal touch that shows the boxes weren’t rushed to be made and thrown out for delivery which made me smile and knowing that the customers mattered.


My little one was curious straight away and was trying to grab everything he could to explore. I noticed the drum and gave him this to which he played with all afternoon! It was lovely to receive a toy that was so different to what you normally find in shops with baby toys as majority of subscription boxes mainly contain toiletries or food which doesn’t tend to be of any interest for my nearly 1 year old, and nothing new for him to explore.

The box comes with an OrganaMag, This was something that really stood out to me that other monthly subscription boxes I have received before haven’t done. It gives you information about all of the products and about the brands in the box that are behind the theme of that monthly box, Box 1 was ‘Unwind Mama. It also told me about the charity Organa Mama are supporting – Cedar House. From every box £1 will be donated! I really loved this little magazine as It was a nice read which was short and sweet – It’s really informative and gives you a lot of information so that you’re aware of exactly what is in the box, where it comes from and the brands’ stories behind the products.

Included in the box was:
 Pitta Patter Bubble Bath RRP £7.50
 Ulrich Notorlich Liquid Wash Detergent
 Gwdihw Cheeky Cherub Balm – RRP £4.49
 Jack n Jill Toothpaste – RRP £4.99
 Jack n Jill Silicone Finger Toothbrush – RRP £2.79
 Amiya UK Natural Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet – £14.99
 World Playground Drum – RRP £6.49
 Contented Calf Recipe Book – RRP £14.99

I had never heard of any of these brands so was really excited to explore them with my little one. Every product in the box was a product I use daily, as I would think most mothers do, so was really impressed that I didn’t have anything I wouldn’t use or wasn’t suitable for my baby.
Over the week we used every product more than once to test them and was so chuffed with them all!

My favourite product was the Pitta Pater bubble bath as it created lots of bubbles from just a tiny drop which is always a winner with my little one as he loves splashing and it smelt wonderful when I ran the bath with the lavender aroma, so couldn’t resist using it too for a relaxing bath.
I was surprised when I saw I had received a detergent as it wasn’t a product I was expecting to receive but the Ulrich Notorlich Liquid Wash Detergent made our clothes smell gorgeous and was so surprised it had cleaned toughed food stains which I have to use stain removers with normally. A 1 litre bottle lasts an impressive 33 washes which is good news for any mother when little ones start exploring their food!

Gwdihw Cheeky Cherub Balm is a product I will be purchasing regularly – I loved this balm as it contains healing herbs and really helped my baby’s nappy rash! As all mothers know teething can be a painful time for our baby’s and nappy rash is often a symptom which my little one has been struggling with, however I used this balm and the rash had nearly gone by bath time! It really was a magic balm like no other. I had tried every nappy cream I could find on my local high street and nothing had worked as quickly and effectively as this so was over the moon with this product!
My baby loves to brush his teeth, so he loved having a new tooth brush and yummy natural toothpaste. The silicone finger toothbrush was different to what we have used before, but was so much easier to control where the brush went and the bristles were really soft. I did have my finger bitten a few times however so I may not use this brush when he has more teeth but for now it is perfect and makes brushing teeth a fun task.

I received a gorgeously soft Amiya UK Natural Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet which was amazing! It was handy to receive and looked lovely in my baby’s cot as it was a neutral colour. I have never used a 100% natural cotton sheet before but after reading that this one was chemical free I will be using these from now on knowing that my baby’s skin won’t come into contact with the usual chemicals used in making some textiles.
The World Playground Drum was beautifully crafted and my little one loved it! I love that we
received a toy as it gave my baby something new to explore and have fun with. The drum has
bright colours, lots of different textures and helps develop motor skills.

The Contented Calf Recipe Book was a handy little recipe book for breastfeeding mums. Even though I am no longer breastfeeding I still have made some of the yummy recipes for my family and they went down as a treat! All the recipes are quick and fairly easy so its fab for busy mums. I’ve made the multiseed bread, coconut fairy cakes and warm roast vegetable and goat’s cheese salad so far which everyone has enjoyed.


Organa Mama is a brilliant monthly subscription box and after the first box I predict amazing things to come in the future and worth every penny! They can be tailored to suit your needs; Mama-to-be (pregnancy to birth), Mama & Baby (newborn -12 months) and Mama & Baby (13-24 months); This box was Mama & Baby (newborn – 12 months).
I really enjoyed this box, loved that all the products were natural and organic for my little one and had fun exploring everything we received.

Monthly subscription: £26 a month

Annual subscription (12 months): £291  a year


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