nomakenolife – nmnl Japanese and Korean Beauty – October 2020

nomakenolife – nmnl Japanese and Korean Beauty – October 2020

Nomakenolife contains 8 – 9 items of cosmetic, hair, and skincare products from both Japan and Korea, two places which are very serious about their beauty products.

They have one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions costing from $35 (around £27) for one month (longer subscriptions are cheaper). Shipping is free.

We’ve got a seriously appropriate theme for October: Halloween Queen!

Halloween is a great opportunity to really have fun with cosmetics, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

The menu booklet has a list with descriptions of all the items in the box. The flags also tell you if they are from Korea or Japan.

Lovisa Heart Stick Blusher is a rather clever product. It’s a cream blusher stick, which has a powder finish for a matte look. The stick itself is in the shape of a heart, so it can either be used and blended as normal, or you can stamp the heart shape on your skin for a dramatic look!

This Petit Recipe Donut Cream Lip & Cheek has the most adorable packaging! It comes in one of four sweet scented varieties, and contains Vitamin E. As the name suggests, it’s great for adding a little colour to both cheeks and lips.

One for costume parties, this is Momocos Hair Colour Wax. This is quite heavily pigmented as it’s designed to be used in dark hair, and while it has a slightly sticky finish, it definitely has a dramatic effectt! It’s easily washed out too.

Halloween Face Paint Crayon is a classic set of face paint sticks. There are eight colours to choose, and lots of design inspiration on the box.

Melty Oil Tint is a high-shine lip gloss that contains oil to moisturise your lips while you wear it. It’s a nice bright colour (one of four possible) and it’s handy size is great for when you’re out partying.

There are often particular spots on the face that require extra hydration, which is what Unicorn Point Pack is designed for. These individual mask pads are designed to focus on problem areas, and they contain hyaluronic acid for maximum moisturizing. You can even use them on dry knees or elbows, and of course they feature an adorable unicorn design.

If you feel like staying in for Halloween, this Happy Halloween Bath Powder will be a nice treat! It has a sweet smell, and for extra fun, it turns that bath water orange for that pumpkin vibe!

Finally, the mask, a Unicorn (or Mermaid) Sheet Mask. This unicorn version is purifying and soothing, and it’s a costume in itself!



Our score: 8.0/ 10

I think the masks are a lot of fun, and even though the decorated ones can look a little crazy, that totally makes sense for Halloween! I also really like the donut lip and cheek tint, it's very useful to have these two in one products. My only concern with this box is that there isn't really that much variety, as three items are for lip and/or cheeks, and I really think only one of each is necessary. Again, there are two masks, and while they're not the same, they are a little too similar. The one thing I don't think works is the Halloween makeup set, it's something that can be found absolutely everywhere and so doesn't feel special. I think there is a lot more scope for cosmetic Halloween fun, such as accessories or other types of cosmetic or skincare. While I think the balance of products isn't quite right this month, everything is of nice quality and certainly will all be used.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality7
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money7
  • Selection of products7

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