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Here is all you need to know about MeUndies.

Are you on the hunt for eclectic and chic loungewear, sassy bralettes, socks, and the softest underwear imaginable? Our search for the most comfortable loungewear and underwear ended up at MeUndies. This famous US-based brand (that delivers in the UK) offers unique perks with its monthly subscription.

What is MeUndies?

MeUndies has created the Most Comfortable Underwear for Men and Women, with its exclusive underwear prints, worldwide shipping, and budget-friendly products.

We are absolutely obsessed with its brands, and when it comes to shopping with MeUndies, UK customers have much to rejoice.

As a responsible and sustainability-focused retailer, it has won over millennials with its exclusive and distinctive prints with new reveals introduced every Tuesday!

MeUndies fabric

The MeUndies membership allows subscribers to enjoy amazing discounts of the likes you’ve never seen before. If you’re always fretting about costly underwear and socks that you’re continually needing to refresh, we are about to walk you through the ultimate subscription box to enjoy superior comfort and luxury.

MeUndies Membership

We simply adore their membership that offer greater variety and superior value for money, and MeUndies has indeed won us over with their customer-centric values. This trustworthy brand allows members to enjoy incredible discounts and the ability to reserve all their new releases before they run out of stock, which happens very fast!

MeUndies Boxes

The best part is, MeUndies offers all these incredible benefits without raising the cost of their monthly subscription box, which is priced at $14 for women’s underwear and $16 for men’s underwear. MeUndies’ UK customers can enjoy these budget-friendly subscription boxes at £10.5 for women’s underwear boxes and £12.5 for men’s underwear. The socks subscription boxes are priced at $8, which amounts to £6.03 for MeUndies’ UK shopaholics. Stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive! MeUndies is definitely a great subscription boxes for men and women.

What’s in the box?

What’s more incredible for us is the fact that in this budget-friendly subscription box, you can scoop up any style of underwear and socks that you like. Most assorted monthly boxes do not allow you to choose, and sometimes they come with unpleasant surprises. But the MeUndies membership is nothing short of being perfectly splendid!

MeUndies men underwear

MeUndies has sourced some of the softest, trendiest, and most comfortable underwear, bralettes, and loungewear we’ve come across in our years of retail analysis. We keep a close eye on retail trends across the globe’s fashion capitals, and we firmly believe that they offer unparalleled loungewear quality. Their loungewear is sassy and chic, aside from being super-functional, and we can make smooth style transitions from couch to grocery shopping without needing an outfit change!

Their Classic, Bold and Adventurous collections stand true to their names, offering superior value for money and a wide selection of exciting prints.

Do MeUndies ship to the UK?

You will be delighted to know that they deliver to the UK, and all other nooks and crannies of the world, even military camps. The shipping charges amount to $12, which amounts to £9.04.

They take their shipping very seriously, and their consumer-centric models ensure superior quality and dedicated customer service.

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  • Comfortable Underwear
  • From £15

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  • Comfortable Underwear
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