Little World Builder 2 – Taj Mahal

Little World Builder is a fun way for your children to learn about iconic buildings around the world, and complete a model of each one.

Your guides are Hailey and Caesar, two children who go on adventures to visit all the featured buildings.

This is our second kit, and the building this time is the Taj Mahal!

The box comes with a personalized sticker.

And here is this month’s featured building.

You’ve got a guide to everything that comes with the box.

Here is the 3D building puzzle.

These puzzles really are excellent. The pieces pop out from a foam sheet, and then you follow the instructions to slot them all together.

Older children would be able to manage, though younger ones would definitely need some help, especially with the more fiddly bits.

But once it’s done it looks incredible!

You’ve also got other items in the pack. A card with lots of information about the Taj Mahal, the postcard from your guides Hailey and Caeser telling you about their trip, plus an activity sheet.

For your scrapbook, that came with the first box, you have stickers and a souvenir admission ticket, plus the scrapbook page to add to your scrapbook.

There are stickers that you can put on the cardboard base for the model, but we actually prefer putting them in the scrapbook, as the base is a little bit big for us to display anywhere.

Finally, the extra gift, this time a Gem Excavation Gift.

Children always love these. They’re a block of plaster with stones buried inside, and you use the included tools to chip and scrape away at the plaster to reveal the treasure inside.


Our score: 8.0/ 10

The Taj Mahal is a very recognizable place, and it's fascinating to learn more about it. The 3D model is as always the best part. However the information, plus the fun and creativity of the scrapbook pages, gives you a lot to find out. The extra gift is a lovely bonus! This would be very nice for children who are interested in travel, and a great supplement to home education.

  • Quality of products7
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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Little World Builder

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Little World Builder

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